252 creative stuff… and still sick

June 21, 2009

We are now officially on our third week of sicknesses in this house. Now the “baby” is slowly starting to feel better.. but yesterday evening it started for the four-year-old. That means that all three kids has/had it.. We’ll just hope that dude and I will be ok.

I have to say it’s tempting to not let the kids go back to kindergarten at all before the summer vacation (that starts wednesday a week and a half from now) We don’t want any more viruses! We had enough! We’ll see about that though.. Our kids are not returning to the same kindergarten next year.. and it would be a pity if this is our good bye.

Enough with sickness report..
Now I’ll share with you my two latest creations on the sewing machine.

here’s a skirt I made for our three-year-old


And here’s a nightgown –  also for our three-year-old. I made it from the fabric from a nightgown for adults that didn’t fit me.



  1. Wow. You made that? I like am all proud and stuff that I made a father’s day card. That totally rocks! It’s like, useful and stuff, but actually looks like a real skirt. I am in awe.

  2. Thanks Court

    I love making usable stuff.. and I always have projects. When it’s not sewing it is something else.
    When it comes to sewing clothes I had a break for many years.. and I didn’t even have a machine. But now I finally got started with it again. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear about all your sick little ones. Bummer. I too am completely impressed. I can hardly cut straight. Now you can ask me why I was crazy enough to try my hand at making a dress for my brother’s wedding. Any tips?

  4. I don’t know.. what kind of dress are you gonna make?
    Maybe just make sure you follow the instructions at the pattern carefully.. don’t rush through anything.. And if there is something you aren’t absolutely sure of how to do – google it. Usually you can find instructions with pictures for every step on the internet.
    Good luck!

  5. I’m so sorry you’ve had so much sickness. I hope things turn the corner soon. I LOVE the things you made. How cute are both of those? I’ve always wished I could sew and I’ve tried really hard but what I’ve tried have never turned out. I don’t think I follow directions properly. I have made quite a few quilts though. I should get back to that.

    Good luck with the kids.

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