247 oh no.. not again..

June 9, 2009

Seems like summer vacation isn’t really vacation..
Dude is working “wrong hours” and the kids are sick… sick… and then sick. Pharyngitis, fever, vomiting etc. etc.. Hey.. I thought winter was the sickness season!! Now.. June. Shouldn’t they be healthy by now???

Our 19-months-old and I are having a fight… A pyjama fight! She keeps taking her pyjama + diaper off after going to sleep… and then our 3-year-old comes to our room in the morning telling us about it… and the rest you can probably figure out by yourself.. eeew!
Now.. what I’ve been doing lately is to turn her pyjamases into something she absolutely can not take off by herself. Well that maybe sounded easy.. just sew the shirt and the pants together and open up and put buttons in the back and done! Well I thought so too.. until two mornings later when I found her again naked and all her stuffed animals and sheets and pillow etc needed to go into the washingmachine.. Doh! How did she do that??

Well now I made her pyjama even more baby-proof so now within a few days we get to se who wins… I think it will be me this time. If this can’t stop her nothing can.

Of course I have other projects too.. transforming old worn out stuff into somethingt usable for the kids. Though what I really want to do is making pretty shirts and dresses for the girls and for that dude has to stop working wrong hours – so that I can go to Jerusalem and get myself some pretty fabric to work with.. I’ve got SO many ideas of things I want to do, I think I’ll have to start collecting them in a book and as soon as I get bored I can just pick something from the book..Β  πŸ™‚



  1. The book idea is great! I hope you win your pyjama fight. We moms are way more stubborn than toddlers, right?

  2. I’m with you on that one now. I’ve taken to putting on the diapers backwards but the duct tape is coming out next!!

  3. Seems like you’re right fae, we moms ARE more stubborn. For now – I’m the winner of this fight – and the answer is a narrow neck that she can’t crawl out through and a very tricky button in the back where she can’t reach. πŸ™‚

    Court – Doesn’t the diaper leak if you put it backwards? Duct tape sure sounds like an idea that could work.

    This would be something for the toddler’s clotes designers.. we are sure not only the only parents having this kind of problem.

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