249 Pediatrician..

June 14, 2009

No news about our girl yet.. I took her to the pediatrician today. still there is a chance that it’s only strep or pharyngitis.. but if so she should be feeling a lot better very soon. So if she is not feeling better by tomorrow we will do blood tests on Tuesday morning.. and then we’ll get to know whether it’s mono or something else..

No improvements on her health yet. Poor baby. 😦



  1. Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon.

  2. Sounds like that nasty tasting medicine. You know for a couple of dollars most pharmicies can add flavor.

  3. fae – She is finally starting to feel better now!! 🙂

    mssc54 – Here in Israel most kids’ medicines are already flavored.. though it doesn’t always help.

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