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¤8 done, not done, done

April 30, 2008

Tuesday university chat -done
.. we had quite a good discussion about communism and other stuff.. But I’m still a bit behind with the reading. And this weekend the teacher is going to give us the subject for the essay we have to write. I’ll have two weeks to work on that.. two busy weeks.

Independencce day – not done yet
We’ll next week celebrate our independence day… 60 years since 1948. And I’m going to bake a birthday cake for our country… though only some of our closest friends are going to actually get a piece..

That reminds me that I have to publish the picture of my cakes some time.. you who have read my husbands blog might know I would never bake a normal cake. 🙂

Potty training – done She’s such a good girl.. learned very fast. Today I didn’t even had to remind her every now and then.

I don’t think I will have so much time over for blogging the next few weeks. I’ll probably write some shorter posts now and then. There are some blogs that I would like to get a bit more into.. read older posts.. comment on stuff. But I’ll just have to do that later when I’m not so busy. (I have no idea when that will happen..)

They started to build a new synagogue close to our son’s kindergarten. And guess what? They closed the shortcut were we used to walk to get there.. so now when he went back after the passover vacation suddenly it takes us almost double as long to get there.(walking.. we don’t have a car) Why do bad things happen to good people? Ok.. I don’t even want an answer.

Amber.. I just wanted to tell you that the reason why I don’t comment on your blog when it comes to politics, religion etc.. is that I’m not that discussing kind of person. I have my opinions.. It is just that discussion sucks. (At this point that dude wouldn’t agree..) I’ll be happy to continue commenting on other kinds of posts.

Ok.. so here is my last conversation with my husband:

Me – Are you sleeping on purpose?
Tobias – I don’t know. Who is Purpose?


¤7 Jewish moose

April 27, 2008

If you haven’t yet realized, I everyday put a picture in the blog. If I don’t have related pictures I just pick one that is not related. 🙂 Like todays swedish jewish moose.

For you who already read my husbands blog.. this will be similar! I’m very busy at the moment and I’m not going to blog/read blogs/comments etc. Kind of not on the list of the top ten most important priorities. I’m a couple of weeks behind with the studies. Before tuesday I’m supposed to read about

  • Asia in the era of western imperialism
  • Nation building in the western hemisphere and Australia
  • The great break: war and revolution
  • Nationalism in Asia
  • The age of anxiety in the West
  • Dictatorships and World War II
  • Global recovery and division between superpowers 

It is about 220 pages in a book where it usually takes me a whole evening to go through 20 or 30 pages. Wish me luck!

Today I f-i-n-a-l-l-y got that application signed by a lawyer!!

And then the baby got two vaccination shots and complaints about that she is not gaining enough weight.. Well.. we went through the same thing the first year with Emunah too. Nothing to worry about. She’ll be just fine!

Tomorrow Efraim is going back to kindergarten after 2,5 weeks of passover vacation. Back to routine…

Now I’m gonna have a huge cup of coffe and have a date with my book.

Mmm soup.. mmm noodle soup.


¤6 Sabbath

April 26, 2008

I’ll keep this blog short. My husband promised the kids to play a letter learning game on the computer in another ten minutes.

Today we have shabat – a wonderful day of rest. Yesterday was busy. Tobias had a crazy day at work and came home only at 4 pm. So my plan to send him out with the kids to the playground while I was cleaning the house didn’t work out. But at least we had a nice and lazy evening, watching Friends.. The rest of the week we are studying in the evening so there is no time left for watching TV. Of course we should do other “more social” stuff too. But we are usually soo tired.. 

Sabbath is such a blessing.. of course a lot to do on Friday in order to have all the food for the weekend prepared, and to clean the whole house. Especially since I’m home alone with three kids. But it is just so worth it.. because then we have a whole day of rest – together with the family.. No cooking, no cleaning.. aaah! 

This afternoon we started potty training our 2,5 year old girl.. didn’t go so well this far. I guess I’ll have to clean the floor a lot next week..

They want the computer now.

Shabat shalom


¤5 Baby born in bathroom – 6 months ago

April 24, 2008

Today, it has been six months since I gave birth to Talitha, at home. We were planning to go to the hospital. But at the end she came so fast that I didn’t even managed to get out from the bathroom. My parents were still in the cab on the way from town, and we didn’t even had time to call for an ambulance. She was born after only two hours of contractions – that were not so regular, not so painful, and they were way too short to think that the baby would be born within the next few hours. But we were wrong. Suddenly the water broke – and within two minutes she was born – in that tiny little bathroom on the picture. (I took the picture to save for her as a memory.) I pushed only once – and my husband caught her when she came flying like a projectile. I don’t even remember that I was in pain. I don’t think I was. If you want to read more of this story  – my husband wrote about it in his blog a month ago.

A nurse once told me that I should be grateful for what happened.. that many women would be jealous  of me for such an easy birth. And I really am grateful.. Everything was just natural and easy. No doctors, no nurses, no pain, panic or fear. Maybe this was the way God intended it to be? I know how hard and painful it usually is to give birh. I’ve done that twice too. But this time it was just amazing. She really is a gift – the happiest, easiest and cutest baby you can think.. She was a happy surprise, and she surprised us again by the way she was born. I wonder what her next surprise will be…


¤4 Mega blocks and coffee

April 23, 2008

Today I saved the afternoon by giving back to the kids the mega blocks that I took away months ago – when they just spread the pieces all over and then played with the basket. Now they are happy to have it again. And they are building a cake for me to celebrate.. I hope I don’t have to taste it.. Best of all – even Talitha can play with those blocks.. so she joined them when she woke up after her nap. (after picture was taken) Wonderful to se all three of them playing together. I think we will see more of that in the future. That is one of all the good reasons to have all kids in about the same age. It is 14 months between Efraim and Emunah, and a little bit more than 2 years between Emunah and Talitha. They’re going to grow up together.. and hopefully have fun together.

Anyway.. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and head ache. Wonderful! – not! So today I’m letting myself drink as much coffee as I want. That’s great!

I was thinking a couple of days ago… It is interesting with coffee.. We’re drinking mainly instant coffee. The filter coffee comes in small packs and is very expensive in Israel. And it is not even as good as the coffee you get in Sweden. Though we ask family and friends to bring when they come to visit. Now – the interesting thing is that when I have been drinking instant coffe for a while – I find the “real coffee” so thin and tasteless.. And after drinking only filter coffee for a while – the instant is so bitter and tastes really bad. In my last pregnancy I couldn’t stand the smell from instant coffee.. but filter coffee I could drink without a problem.
Still.. I have no idea wich coffee is the best.. as long as I get some kind of – with milk, without sugar – I’m happy!

In another half an hour it’s time to give the kids something to eat and then give them all a bath before bed time.


¤3 Car in box

April 22, 2008

This is a picture of a road sign, taken in Norway about six years ago. Does anyone have a clue what it means? “Please fold your car up and put it in the deposit box below.” or “Caution, your car might fall into a perfect shaped hole.” Huh?

Btw. The picture was stolen from my brother. I haven’t been to Norway since summer 1985.

Anyway.. I had quite a lazy day with the kids. I spent some time preparing rice porridge and egg salad. It is hard to find food that the kids like now for passover. They prefer sandwiches and yoghurt with oats, pasta etc. Bingo! Well.. they are happy anyway.. just eating a bit less and maybe a bit less healthy. But it’s only for a week so I guess that’s ok.

We also went out to buy some juice. The weather is hot (33C/91F) and Emunah (2,5 years old) is a bit picky. She won’t drink larger amounts of water.

Lately I’ve got so many ideas of how I want to change our home.. buying new stuff, sewing new curtains with matching pillow cases etc. Of course it is a matter of money.. but I would be happy to start with small cheap stuff – that are still making a difference. We have been married for five years now – and still 3/4 of all our stuff is second hand. I’m sooo tired of that. But I guess we should wait. We’ll anyway probably have to move within half a year.

I guess I should continue studying now. We’ve had so many guests coming and going the last month, so I’m at the moment two weeks after with the reading. Actually I have no idea what I’m studying.. probably the 21st century.. maybe the world wars and the cold war? I’d better figure that out!

Heelp! The ducks are coming!


¤2 Impossible to find a lawyer

April 21, 2008

I went today to the lawyer.. as usual nobody there. It seems to be impossible to “happen to be there” in the right time. And they don’t want to make an appointment because it’s only an application to sign – and that is obviously “to small” for them. Grrr!

The rest of the day was pretty munch normal.. doing laundry, cleaning etc. Cranky kids after all stuff going on the last weeks.. looking forward to get back to routine.

Tip of the day: Never give matza to toddlers – If you still do – use shoes!

Joey doesn’t share food!!!