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¤ 94 Sweet as Honey

September 29, 2008

Shana Tova uMetuka to all Jewish readers, and all others who want to join us in the new year – 5769. And to all others – this is the real New Years Eve. So come on! Grab an apple and some honey, a shofar and a pomegranate and enjoy!

We wish you a happy, sweet, wonderful, great and hundreds of other synonymes to that – year!

We’re now all stuffed with apples, apples again, and honey, and apple & honey cake. *burp* Wow, that was really something!

We have TWO days off now.. two days with only us.. only me, hubby and the kids.. as far as I know no other plans. Only uninvited guests are invited for this time. 

-So do you want your coffee with milk?
-No thanks, I want it without milk.
-Sorry I don’t have milk. You’ll have to take it without cream instead.


¤ 93 I need new glasses

September 28, 2008

I need new glasses. I feel like I don’t see anything.. When reading, doing cross stiches etc. I see better without them than with them.  – NOT meaning I see well without. I don’t even dare to go to the bathroom in the night without them.. that’s how bad I see. And on long distance they work.. in some way. But reading.. gaah! I feel like an old lady.. needing to read everything in large print. I’ve had these glasses since I was 15. Yep. Not kidding! Why are glasses so expensive?

Hubby is preparing something for me to eat.. I told him that I was both hungry and miserable and he has to get me something. Moahaha! (Usually I make sure he gets something to eat.. and also I’m in pain today.. so it’s kind’a his turn.) I think I’m gonna get a sandwich.. but you never know.


¤ 92 Shana Tova

September 28, 2008

We are now going towards the tishrey holidays(holidays in the month Tishrey). To start with, we have Rosh haShana – the new year starts. So I’d like to say to all of you Happy new year!. That would be tomorrow evening, and we are celebrating until wednesday evening. Next week we have Yom Kippur, and the week after is The feast of Tabernacles.

So.. I just wanted to tell you that within the next few weeks I’m not sure I’ll have the time to keep myself updated with your blogs. Sorry! The holidays are this year in the middle of weeks.. witch means more or less double weekends/double preparations, and the kids are home from kindergarten A LOT. I’ll be busy – in mainly a nice way. We’ll spend more time together as a family. That’s what holidays are for.

I’ll sneek in here when I have some time left over..

So there you go.
Shana Tova!


¤ 91 Happy Birthday

September 27, 2008

Today our little girl had her third birthday. Happy birthday Sweetie!
We started the day with going in to her room at six in the morning, singing happy birthdays songs and giving her the presents in the bed(that’s how we do it). My parents were also here.. and later during the day also uncle Tal came for lunch and cake.. and she got the presents from hubby’s family.

It was a happy day with a lot of presents and she didn’t want to go to sleep in the evening. Usually she wants to sleep .. but she just didn’t want this day to end.

Btw. I think I told you in an earlier post that she wanted a cake with a lamb, and I didn’t know how to do it. It ended up like this:


¤ 90 Dog Crap Analysis

September 24, 2008

This was so funny!!.. and an excellent idea to keep the city cleaner.

Dog owners in Petah Tikva (israeli city) will bring the dog’s poo sample to the local vet. The vet will make a DNA analysis of the crap and put that in the dog’s register.
Whenever dog crap is found on the street they can send it in for analysis in order to be able to fine the owner of the dog who crapped -and to treat the ones who scoop up the poo – with pet food cupons and dog toys.

Read the article here


¤ 89 Make You Sleepy

September 23, 2008

I realized today that I don’t even remember last time I was not hopelessly tired. It must have been years ago! And then I also realized I’m still alive. And that made me happy. 🙂

So now I’m just gonna make you a bit sleepy, and then I’m going to sleep.


Last but not least.. some help from our friend Kaa 


¤ 88 I can’t stop thinking like a kid

September 22, 2008

I don’t know if it’s only me (and dude) or if it’s something common among young parents.. We tend to very easily identify ourselves with the kids in different situations..

When I’m cleaning the kids’ room when they are in kindergarten – and I throw some old and broken toys, and piles of hand craft that you can’t even see what it was meant to be.. funny shaped pieces of papers put together with stickers in different formations, half bus tickets and toilet paper rolls that are all over the place etc.. Oh yes.. with toddlers you have to go through the stuff once in a while because if you kept everything it would take only two months to fill the room all the way up to the ceiling. You save some stuff, and you throw the rest.. and the chance is like 95% that the kids will only see that you cleaned – not that you threw stuff away.

But still.. my only though when I’m doing it is: What if I happen to trow something that they value…? Something that looks like crap to me – but is important to them. When I was a kid I was terrified every time I knew my dad and my sister were going to go through my room. I liked it in some way – because I knew they could get my room in order – in a way that I couldn’t do it myself – because I was only a kid. But I was also afraid they would throw my little piece of thread or a broken sea shell.. or something else that I really valued.. but I knew would look like crap to them. I spent hours of thinking where to hide these things so they wouldn’t find them. (now I have no idea why I didn’t tell them about those precious little things.. stupid little kid.. maybe I didn’t believe they would understand)

I continue to go trough my kids’ stuff.. to throw things.. because I have to. I can’t ask them about everything.. they are only kids – and they would tell me to keep everything. I know that they will probably not even notice.. but what if they do??

This is only one example.. I think like this about everything.. in almost every situation I can picture myself as a kid in the same situation. That doesn’t mean we let them do whatever they want. We are actually quite strict.. but this is how I think.

Is this specificly for us.. or is it normal?
I’ll probably never feel grown up.. not even when I’m 96 and living in an old peoples home and drinking coffee with my great great grandchildren in the afternoon.

Now – I don’t think there is anything bad with this.. rather the reverse. It’s good for the kids to have parents who actually can understand them.. who laugh with them – and not only at them.. Who remembers the scary nightmares.. who remembers how the kids look at their parents.. who can watch Donald Duck and Bob the builder and enjoy.