255 A morning sickness study..

September 19, 2009

Today I went through my blogs from the two last pregnancies, just to recall what morning sickness is for me. I remember being sick all around the clock. But I also remember lots of “beeing normal”. So I thought I should check it up now that I’m entering the 6th week. That’s when it usually starts for me.
And it turns out – that with both girls I had a terrible week around the 6th-7th week. And then after that I kind of adjusted and felt better. I was still nauseaus but could handle it.

So actually I’m less worried now than I was before I checked my blog. I figure that if I could survive by then – I should be able to survive also this time. And maybe it’s getting even easier? I’m so busy with other things now so hopefully I will have no time to think about it… Plus hubby’s working hours are way more reasonable nowadays. Where he used to work before he could sometimes work over 60 hours a week. No I’m not kidding.. plus he would never know until he was already on the way home – whether he would be able to leave at the time he planned or not. Now his situation at work is a lot better and we are both comfortable with it. I hope that will help too.

Also I’ll try to be smart enough to eat what I feel like eating – not what I planned for dinner. I always thought it’s a pity to buy things we usually don’t eat. I don’t like to have extra snack in the cupboards because that way we end up eating crap that we don’t want to eat (of health reasons) .. but this time I’ll really try to keep crackers and dried fruits and yoghurts and stuff at home to prevent those moments when I’m hungry but can’t think of anything that I feel like eating.

I hope it will work out..


One comment

  1. Tell me about it! I’m buying all kinds of crackers to help keep me from being sick. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t even feel like a balanced meal until dinner because I know it’ll stay put. The thought of vomiting milk makes me even more sick. I can’t wait to be past this.
    I’m so glad your husband is in a better work schedule.

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