245 Almost there

May 23, 2009

Well now.. I finished the paper just in time. Now I have only another three essays to read and maybe make comments on before I’m free!! By Monday I should be done. THIS Monday! oh I have been looking forward to this!! I’ve been waiting for weeks already. I want to organize things in the house. I’ll love having the time to keep the house cleaner, more organized. I’ll love having more time to spend with the kids.

 I want to take out the sewing machine and turn some old fabric and clothes into something pretty that the girls can wear. I want to google whatever I want and learn new stuff that I’m actually interested in. I want to be able to brush up some of the languages I once used to study.. There are so many things I want to do – and I hope now I’ll get the time to do them. Though I think I shouldn’t hope too much.. Having three kids doesn’t give you much sparetime anyway.. does it?

Today I realized that five weeks from now the kids’ summervacation starts.. five weeks – and the kids are gonna be “mine” again for a couple of months. I know that for some parents the summer is a hard time… they have a hard time having the kids home. I love having them home.. well – most of the time. 🙂 I love going out with them.. seing them playing.. seeing the big ones caring for their little sister. Oh she’s gonna love having them home.

I think also this summer is going to feel shorter than the last one. Dude is going to have a couple of weeks vacation (which he almost never had before).. we have some family coming over from Sweden.. We are going to have a good time. Also.. from the middle of July dude is going to have summer vacation from his studies until middle of October, so we are gonna be able to spend more time together. Aah.. this sounds great. Doesn’t it?



  1. It turned out being less left to study than I thought. Which means that I’m DONE!

  2. YEA! That’s so awesome! I hope you do something relaxing in all that time, though you don’t seem like the type of person to just sit back and do nothing. Have fun!

  3. wow! you know me already 😉

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