About me

I’m a young mom with three kids, born in Sweden, living in Israel – raising our kids with two languages and two cultures.

There is Efraim (4), Emunah (3) and Talitha (1)

When it comes to baking and cooking I’m a happy amateur with lots of ideas. You’ll probably see pictures of some of them in the future…

I neither eat hummus nor halva, but I still feel more Israeli than Swedish.

I use google to find out anything, anywhere any time. I get annoyed when I hear a language that I don’t understand. Good reason to continue learning.

I’m happily married to thatdudeyouknow. So try to avoid hitting on me! Duh!



  1. Hi! Just found your Sept 24th blog post about dog crap. Very funny! Actually very timely for something I was writing about – I linked to your blog and gave you a shout-out. Here’s the link to the post: http://animallawonline.blogspot.com/2008/10/straight-poop-nyc-gets-serious-about.html

    Cheers, Amy

  2. Skulle bara kolla vem det var som hade citronträd. 🙂 Undrar om man kan få såna att växa i Sverige också? Vi har försökt med ett persikoträd men det för en tynande tillvaro just nu…

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