251 sickness update

June 20, 2009

Yep.. and you thought everything was fine.. everybody healthy again.. back to life!!

Well no… Thursday morning our 20-months-old started vomiting…
Today – Saturday – she is starting to feel better and now we just hope that this is it. But I don’t know if I dare to believe it until I see it.

This year has been insane.. The kids have been sick all the time. It feels like they have almost never went to kindergarten full weeks. Instead – they have been staying home sick many full weeks.

Seems like this blog is mainly about sickness… And I’m sorry – that is true. I wish it could be different. But it really feels like sickness is the only thing going on here.

In a week and a half the summer vacation starts and I’m so happy it does!! Our kids need to stay away from all those kindergarten germs and viruses for a while!! And I really hope next year is going to be a better year. Maybe their immune system will be better because they are a little bit older? One could hope..
We are also planning to let the little one stay home until she turns four. And I hope that will help her to bring home less viruses..

Well.. at least now soon summer vacation is here and I still have hopes for a healthy, happy summer with lots of fun!


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