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188 Winter and extra vacation

December 31, 2008

We decided on keeping the kids home one extra week after the Hanukkah vacation. We want to pay them back for the missed vacation when we were sick. It’s also cold and raining and they will probably not go out at all at kindergarten. If they anyway watch TV at kindergarten instead of playing outside.. they could better play and watch TV at home.. and play in the garden in between the showers. There is no use sending them to kindergarten in this situation. Kids don’t get sick from playing outside in cold and rainy weather – if they are just dressed warm enough. The more time they spend outside – the healthier. They are rather getting sick from spending a lot of time inside with other kids – sharing all the viruses in a humid environment. duh! There are a lot of people who are sick now.. at least one in almost every family. So I think it’s good to protect the kids from all that too – as long as it’s possible. We’ve been sick enough!

On Sunday we’ll let them go back. We can’t keep them home forever just because it’s winter.

This weekend we’re gonna celebrate my birthday. ūüôā I’m getting old!

Btw.. Happy new year!
For me new years eve means nothing except for that I have to learn to write the date differently. I’ll have to practice this evening.. ūüôā


187 6th Anniversary

December 28, 2008

Today is our 6th Anniversary!! Six wonderful years since we got Married!


186 Not so much better..

December 24, 2008

We all caught the stomach flu. The three-year-old was already feeling better, when we all, my husband, me and the other two kids all caught it the same evening. I have to say this far this Hanukkah sucks. But we still have a few days to go and I hope those days will be better. We are feeling better today. Dude is back at work and I’m trying to get rid of the mountain of laundry.. will probably take another couple of days before I’m done.

I just want to wish you all a happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.


185 Sick..

December 21, 2008

Tonight we are going to light the first Hanukkah candle.. And our three-year-old spent the night vomiting.. perfect timing -not!!

Though she seems to be feeling a lot better already.. managed to eat a _little_ bit and drink in the morning.. and she even played in the garden for half an hour, and watched a one hour movie in the morning. Not bad at all!!

Now we just hope that nobody else will get sick…


184 Hannukkah is coming up

December 16, 2008

Next week already is Hannukkah!
And I’m busy getting the last presents for the kids. They are going to get one present each for eight days.. Well this year also hubby’s parent’s sent them presents for Hannukkah so they are going to get two presents every day.

Hannukkah is a holiday when you light a lot of candles… very nice and cozy in the winter.. The thing here is that the winter didn’t really come yet. We haven’t put on the heating this far, and we have mainly nice weather. But I guess that’s not going to stop Hannukkah from coming.


183 The weekend

December 16, 2008

We had a wonderful weekend in Haifa.. celebrating hubby’s grandfathers 95th(!!!) birthday. The kids were home with my parents and had a good time too.

It’s interesting to go somewhere without kids.. it feels like something is missing. And now and then you panic.. until you remember that the kids are home with safta. Every time you meet kids about the same size as your kids – you think about them.. and miss them.. even though it’s sooo great to be away for a while.. so nice to not have to bring two giant suitcases for only two days.. to sit in the bus and relax –¬†witout bouncing toddlers on the lap.. to be able to take a long walk – knowing that nobody is going to complain that it’s too far.. to sleep a long night¬†– without waking up at 4,30 in the night – from somebody shouting “f√§√§√§√§√§√§√§rdig!!” from the bathroom.. To stay in a hotel – that didn’t happen since the wedding night..¬†almost six years ago.. This wasn’t a fancy hotel.. but for us it was fancy. Everything that is not at home – and some privacy.. is fancy to us!!
To get up, get dressed, eating breakfast – concentrating on what YOU want on YOUR sandwich..

But also of course.. it’s nice to get home.. to sneek in to the kids’ rooms – watch them when they are sleeping.. to wake up the next morning from “f√§√§√§√§√§√§rdig” and see that everything is like it has always been.. that nothing changed, and how extremely cute they are.. To see how happy they are that you are back home again.. hearing the stories of what they’ve been up to with the grandparents.
To come back home with new energy, and know even more to appreciate theese little cuties.

Oboy.. we have to do this again some time.. and then two nights please.. One night was good.. two nights would be just perfect! Next time Eilat…


182 Super cute

December 11, 2008

I’m aware that my blog doesn’t really look the same it used to … nowadays it’s mainly posts about family and kids. I just don’t have time for every day – blogging.. and the result is a “quick update” once in a while.

Winter is on it’s way to us.. slowly slowly. To be honest I thought we would be in the middle of it by now.. but no. We aren’t. Though the temperatures are starting to drop, and it’s getting colder in the house. We didn’t turn on the heating yet.. we want to wait as long as possible. And still it’s ok. Only in the evening I’m getting a little bit cold.

The kids enjoy playing outside in the cool but sunny weather.. it’s a new world for the baby (new nickname please..she’s soon 14 months) Today she was running after her ball in the garden – giggeling so hard that she almost couldn’t walk. It’s amazing to see a little kid learning about the world.. enjoying every moment.. making cat noises every time she sees a cat, watching a¬†pigeon for almost five minutes.. like she never saw one in her entire life – which is probably true.. She is picking flowers that fell down from the neighbors balcony, collecting them in her little bucket – walking around all happy about what she found.. When we get in she’s bringing her shoes back to their place – all happy that she knows where they go. She’s practising bringing dirty clothes to the laundry room.. but is getting to exited on the way to there – so she’s dropping them on the kitchen floor and gets there empty handed.
I can watch her for hours.. I can take thousands of pictures. I try to enjoy every moment – because I know this super cute age will be replaced by another age.. cute in another way.. pretty soon.