259 So now we know what it’s like

October 7, 2009

So.. here we are.. almost 8 weeks done of the pregnancy. And now I know what the morning sickness is like this time. I had a very hard time for a week around the 6th-7th week. Constantly nauseaus and exhausted. It didn’t exactly help that I from one day to another had to stop drinking coffee. I can’t stand even the smell anymore. I had the same problem in my last pregnancy.

Now.. as long as I sleep enough – which means 8-10 hours a night.. and can take a nap daytime + keep eating all the time – I’m feeling quite ok. Though if I don’t sleep enough and don’t eat all the time I’m sick sick sick.

The problem with the constant eating is that I’ll probably gain a lot more weight this time than with the girls. With them I gained only the weight from the pregnancy itself. I was back to myself the same day they were born.
I’m also craving “bad things” this time.. like hamburgers, pizza, fried food, candy etc. Hubby says I’m craving manly food – so it’s probably a boy this time.. And he is right that this pregnancy is more like the one I had with our son than the ones with the girls. So maybe we really do have a boy this time… we’ll see.

Now I just can’t wait until we’re done with the first trimester. I’m so sick of being sick all the time.


258 Weird preggo dreams

September 29, 2009

When I’m pregnant I always get all these strange dreams.. they are mainly of two different kinds.

The first kind, the ones I have the most – throughout the whole pregnancy – is those about hubby – where he does things he didn’t think through, or just simply bad things.. or I dream about us having a fight.. and then I wake up all furious and can’t even look at him.. sometimes the “feeling” stays for hours – even though I know that he didn’t do anything.

The “funny” thing is that we never ever fight.. I mean this should be normal if that’s how I many times feel about him. But the truth is I don’t. We never fight.. it’s been at least two years since the last time.. probably more.  He almost never disappoints me.. So why do I keep dreaming these wierdo dreams when I’m pregnant??

The second kind of dreams is when I dream about the sex of the baby even before I know it. I don’t remember having any specific dreams from when I was pregnant with our first child.. but from the second pregnancy I do. I dreamt that I was in the hospital and gave birth to a girl. And then when they put her in that transparent plastic box where the babies sleep in the hospital – they where out of pink cards for girls. So they had to take a blue boys-card and write girl on it. To me it was a disaster!! This is funny since I really don’t care about girls- vs boys-colors.
When she was born – she was a girl – and they were NOT out of pink cards. 🙂

Even before I was pregnant with our third child I had a dream that I would have two girls who looked more or less the same – only different ages – plus the little one was blonde.. and now I mean really white hair.

And what happened.. we had another girl – and she is all blonde. My dream came true.

So.. anybody else with weirdo pregnancy dreams?? Tell me your story!!


256 Happy new year! Shana tova umetuka!

September 19, 2009

I just wanted to wish all my Jewish and Israeli friends a happy new year. Shana tova umetuka!

Yesterday we entered the holiday season. Now is Rosh haShana – the new year. In a week comes Yom Kippur..and the day before that is our girl’s fourth birhday!! And in the beginning of October is Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles.

This is one of the best seasons of the year. I love the fall with all the holidays – with all the days that hubby is off work.. to see the kids’ happiness.. see them being so exited.. Seeing friends.. building the Sukka.. I enjoy the cooler weather.. the first rain of the season. It’s just the best time of the year.. well together with the spring that I like too.


255 A morning sickness study..

September 19, 2009

Today I went through my blogs from the two last pregnancies, just to recall what morning sickness is for me. I remember being sick all around the clock. But I also remember lots of “beeing normal”. So I thought I should check it up now that I’m entering the 6th week. That’s when it usually starts for me.
And it turns out – that with both girls I had a terrible week around the 6th-7th week. And then after that I kind of adjusted and felt better. I was still nauseaus but could handle it.

So actually I’m less worried now than I was before I checked my blog. I figure that if I could survive by then – I should be able to survive also this time. And maybe it’s getting even easier? I’m so busy with other things now so hopefully I will have no time to think about it… Plus hubby’s working hours are way more reasonable nowadays. Where he used to work before he could sometimes work over 60 hours a week. No I’m not kidding.. plus he would never know until he was already on the way home – whether he would be able to leave at the time he planned or not. Now his situation at work is a lot better and we are both comfortable with it. I hope that will help too.

Also I’ll try to be smart enough to eat what I feel like eating – not what I planned for dinner. I always thought it’s a pity to buy things we usually don’t eat. I don’t like to have extra snack in the cupboards because that way we end up eating crap that we don’t want to eat (of health reasons) .. but this time I’ll really try to keep crackers and dried fruits and yoghurts and stuff at home to prevent those moments when I’m hungry but can’t think of anything that I feel like eating.

I hope it will work out..


255 A new try..

September 16, 2009

I thought I should maybe post something here.. it’s been a while. And a lot has happened..

The first half of the summer wasn’t much fun. The kids were sick.. and then they were sick.. And then they were sick again. And then we went to Eilat with hubby’s mom in the end of July – and since then everybody are healthy. The boy turned five in August.. and he’s getting more and more independent. Today he took a shower by himself. Am I a proud mommy now?? Oh yes.. 🙂

The trip to Eilat wasn’t just a trip to Eilat.. Hubby’s mothers visit changed a lot for us.. We got a grill.. and a dishwasher.. And we had many nice BBQ evenings this summer… and hubby is so happy he doesn’t have to do dishes all evening long any longer. 😀

Since September 1st the two big kids are back in kindergarten. The boy is now in his compulsory pre-school year.. Which means that next year he is going to 1st grade. The girl is still in regular kindergarten. And the baby (almost 2 years old now) is still home with me.

We’ve also got some good news… we’re expecting a new family member in May 2010. Yes I know… it’s still very early in the pregnancy. The nausea didn’t even start yet… But we are happy!! This will be our fourth – and last – kid.

I’ll see if I can make a try to update here once in a while again.. But I’m afraid it will become a mommy-blog.. It wasn’t meant to be that from the beginning.. But it would maybe be updated more frequently that way. I mean.. seriously – how much in my life is not related to my family? Nothing…


254 dead blog

July 16, 2009

This blog is kind of dead. I’ll keep it.. but I have absolutely no inspiration for updating it.. Nothing to write about..
I’ll still be around.. reading other blogs. And maybe updating once in a while if I have anything to write about.

I’m spending way less time on the computer nowadays.. spending more on the sewing machine. And I’m also cheating on this blog with another one.. my new sewing blog in Swedish. http://buskamel.blogspot.com where I publish pictures of everything I make.

Now vacation time is coming up.. yeay!!

And for those who have missed dude on his blog.. he’s doing great. 😀


253 Happy Birthday

June 28, 2009

E is tomorrow celebrating his 5th birthday at kindergarten… His real birthday is only in like a month. But since the summer vacation starts on Wednesday they celebrate him tomorrow.

Here is the cake I made for him to bring to kindergarten to share with his friends.
He asked for a cake with fishes on. He didn’t see this yet – he’s sleeping. But I hope he’s gonna like it.