255 A new try..

September 16, 2009

I thought I should maybe post something here.. it’s been a while. And a lot has happened..

The first half of the summer wasn’t much fun. The kids were sick.. and then they were sick.. And then they were sick again. And then we went to Eilat with hubby’s mom in the end of July – and since then everybody are healthy. The boy turned five in August.. and he’s getting more and more independent. Today he took a shower by himself. Am I a proud mommy now?? Oh yes.. 🙂

The trip to Eilat wasn’t just a trip to Eilat.. Hubby’s mothers visit changed a lot for us.. We got a grill.. and a dishwasher.. And we had many nice BBQ evenings this summer… and hubby is so happy he doesn’t have to do dishes all evening long any longer. 😀

Since September 1st the two big kids are back in kindergarten. The boy is now in his compulsory pre-school year.. Which means that next year he is going to 1st grade. The girl is still in regular kindergarten. And the baby (almost 2 years old now) is still home with me.

We’ve also got some good news… we’re expecting a new family member in May 2010. Yes I know… it’s still very early in the pregnancy. The nausea didn’t even start yet… But we are happy!! This will be our fourth – and last – kid.

I’ll see if I can make a try to update here once in a while again.. But I’m afraid it will become a mommy-blog.. It wasn’t meant to be that from the beginning.. But it would maybe be updated more frequently that way. I mean.. seriously – how much in my life is not related to my family? Nothing…



  1. As I am in the final throws of the first trimester, I climber out of my funk, to the computer to read you. I missed you. Congatulations again! Sorry to hear the kids were sick so often, but I’m glad everyone is better and doing well. And dishwashers are a life saver.

  2. I’m so happy you are back! 😀 The first trimester sucks.. I’m happy for you that you are entering the better part of the pregnancy now… and a bit jealous since I have a little bit more than one month left until I’m there.

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