258 Weird preggo dreams

September 29, 2009

When I’m pregnant I always get all these strange dreams.. they are mainly of two different kinds.

The first kind, the ones I have the most – throughout the whole pregnancy – is those about hubby – where he does things he didn’t think through, or just simply bad things.. or I dream about us having a fight.. and then I wake up all furious and can’t even look at him.. sometimes the “feeling” stays for hours – even though I know that he didn’t do anything.

The “funny” thing is that we never ever fight.. I mean this should be normal if that’s how I many times feel about him. But the truth is I don’t. We never fight.. it’s been at least two years since the last time.. probably more.  He almost never disappoints me.. So why do I keep dreaming these wierdo dreams when I’m pregnant??

The second kind of dreams is when I dream about the sex of the baby even before I know it. I don’t remember having any specific dreams from when I was pregnant with our first child.. but from the second pregnancy I do. I dreamt that I was in the hospital and gave birth to a girl. And then when they put her in that transparent plastic box where the babies sleep in the hospital – they where out of pink cards for girls. So they had to take a blue boys-card and write girl on it. To me it was a disaster!! This is funny since I really don’t care about girls- vs boys-colors.
When she was born – she was a girl – and they were NOT out of pink cards. 🙂

Even before I was pregnant with our third child I had a dream that I would have two girls who looked more or less the same – only different ages – plus the little one was blonde.. and now I mean really white hair.

And what happened.. we had another girl – and she is all blonde. My dream came true.

So.. anybody else with weirdo pregnancy dreams?? Tell me your story!!



  1. First, they say that sometimes you work out issues in your dreams. Maybe the fights with your husband are getting out some little resentment or teaching you how to not fight or fight as the case may be.
    Second, I think I’m jealous of your marriage. 😉
    Third, I always I have very vivid dreams, so pregnancy isn’t much of a change. Now if only I could get more time to dream 😉

  2. No weird preggo dreams, but I can relate on the being furious with hubby dreams. Those bother me so much that I just have to tell him I’m pissed because of how he acted in my dream. He laughs at me and I have to cool off.

    Hey Faemom! Nice to see you here!

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