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¤30 Major flood and the best hubby one could have

July 30, 2008

The washing machine broke today.. not pumping out the water wich resulted in a major flood in our laundry room and kitchen… I had to open it- to get the clothes out. And then I had to continue washing them by hand.. and also some other stuff that I couldn’t wait to wash. So.. that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to today. At least it was a good day for the baby to decide to sleep for almost four hours.

The washing machine fixing guy is coming tomorrow evening and that’s gonna cost us a fortune that we don’t have. Anyway. Could be worse.
God is good

I ended up having a nice afternoon/evening with Efraim and Talitha in the garden after Emunah went to sleep.. Everything just calms down when she’s going to sleep. It’s both that Efraim doesn’t have anybody to fight with.. and also that Emunah herself is in a very tough age right now.. almost three years old. Oh well.

Hubby is home.. doing dishes.. I can’t since I have a really bad eczema on my hands. I have had that for more than four years now and nothing but the strongest steroids helps. Usually I’m struggling with something less efficient since it’s very hard to convince the doctors that I need the strong stuff.
Poor hubby.. I wish we could have a dish washer. That would give him more time to fight Amber.. sorry – I mean more time to study and to be with the family.

Anyway.. he’s the best husband one can ever have.. always thinking of me first.. giving all his time(which is still very little) to his family.. doing dishes and going out with the trash.. never complaining, I never have to ask him about it.. He is both working and studying – in order to as soon as possible get us out of this bad economic situation.. to give us a better life. Always working hard -never complaining. He is respecting and supporting me.. and most amazing he still loves me even though I spent 3 years – out of the 5,5 we’ve been married – being a hormone monster

He is the best father a kid could ever have. He is spending time with them.. reading books with them, playing with them, changing diapers, going up for them in the night.. He’s that kind of father that all kids should have – but only a few do.  

I could say more good stuff about him.. but I’m just gonna keep that for myself. And btw. He is not for sale!


¤29 Cameleon?

July 29, 2008

What is this?? A cameleon?

I found it on the way to the super this morning.. cool thing..


¤ 28 Birthday Preparations

July 29, 2008

It is time to start the preparations for Efraim’s 4th birthday which is on Sunday. But we’re going to celebrate him already Saturday in order to do it a day when daddy is home. We think he would like that more..
Time to think if we have all the presents.. wrapping them.. thinking of how to bake a penguin cake – that’s Efraim’s request -and of course mommy is doing whatever she can to make the little boy happy.

He’s gonna be 4… FOUR!! Isn’t that huge? We’re gonna have a big boy. Not only a baby, not a toddler.. A CHILD!! Time is passing way to fast! But in some way I’m also happy for that.. to see the results of what we’re doing. To see him growing up to be a talented and intelligent person. And I have to say I’m very curious about the future.


¤27 A Penny for Hubby’s Thoughts

July 28, 2008

Please fill in the blank! Come on, it’s mandatory!


¤ 26 More time together for a change..

July 27, 2008

We’re finally getting our garden really nice.. got all the trash out of it, and we’re starting to think about how we want to have it.. putting gravel, planting flowers and trees. Well.. I am thinking, planning and dreaming. Hubby didn’t have so much time (or interest?) to do so.. he just agreed to everything I said this far. I wouldn’t complain..

Since he finished the semester – and now he is having only one, quite simple computer course – we’re finally having some more time together.. we’ve been longing for that. The rest of the year spending time together would be instead of sleeping. So now we have a month to spend some time together before “the reality” starts again. I’m happy this is gonna have an end in another few years.(when we don’t have to study any longer)

People keep asking me if it is hard to have all the kids home the whole summer.. with no Kindergarten. And I keep saying no.. It isn’t. First of all there is not that a big difference. Before I was home with two kids. Now I’m home with three. That is only one more. And hey. I love our kids and I like spending time with them. I like to see how happy they are about the garden, and the pool, to play more with each other.. see them learning new things.
And also – since we don’t have a car it was quite a project to take Efraim home from Kindergarten every day. That took us an hour every day. So it is actually easier now. Though in september when it starts again i will really feel the difference since only the baby will be home with me. Maybe I will even have the time to study for a couple of hours in the morning and have less left for the evening. 🙂

I’m not gonna bore you anymore now.. time to go to sleep

Good night!


¤ 25 USB port problems, bulldozer attack and blood count

July 22, 2008

We’re having USB port problems.. so now I can’t copy the pictures from the camera to the computer.. *gaaah* And it’s just such a bad timing since our private computer expert(read: daddy) left the country this morning, and will come back only in way to many weeks to wait to get those pictures out from the camera. 

And then there was another bulldozer attack in Jerusalem.. you can read about it in my husbands blog.. or even better – any israeli newspaper…

i just realized that I have to leave the house at 7.10 tomorrow morning.. the baby has to do a blood count.. just a general routine test. But still – we should be there at 7.30 – which is usually my breakfast time.  btw.. it is almost midnight here. I should go.

good night


¤24 I found some books…

July 21, 2008

Googleing on books is not healthy… I found two books that I just have to buy some time… but since there are higher priorities.. I guess I’ll have to wait.

Here you go..

Maybe theese could help me to become more then a happy amateur…

There are probably tons of other books that are just as good.. I just happened to find theese, and I’m so gonna have them some time.