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246 Free, but not sure whether I’m back or not

May 27, 2009

I said I was going to be back and free.. And free – yes I am. But back… naa. not really. Doesn’t seem like, does it?

This week we had a few haircuts.. Two of the kids + hubby. It feels good. It saves us a lot of money that I do them myself. I also got the sewing machine out and started going through what we call the “fix pile”, making kids’ clothes etc. At the moment they aren’t much in need of clothes so I try do make for the winter instead. If I am not busy – I make myself busy. That’s just the way I am. I’m too creative to just sit on my butt. 🙂

Tomorrow we start with holidays again, this time Shavuot. The kids had a shavuot party yesterday at kindergarten, and tomorrow the vacation starts. Three days!  E was so happy yesterday when he realized that we will all be home for three days – including daddy…

…which is good. The “baby” keeps calling his name like a 600 times a day.. from 5 in the morning until 8 in the evening + one hour in the middle of the night. How can I get this child to SLEEP?? instead of shouting “Aaba!” all the time? Seriously.. 1,5 year-olds are supposed to sleep more than that. Aren’t they? Well lucky her that she is too cute to be upset at. 🙂 The fact that she’s obsessed with daddy isn’t a problem. The other two had a similar period at around the same age. And to be honest I like that they climb on him instead of on me when he is home. I see them all the time – he doesn’t. He needs to be with them and I need to feel I can do things without the kids once in a while.

Ok.. let’s finish this post with posting a picture of the pants I made for the baby a couple of days ago. I love this fabric. I think it’s funny.


245 Almost there

May 23, 2009

Well now.. I finished the paper just in time. Now I have only another three essays to read and maybe make comments on before I’m free!! By Monday I should be done. THIS Monday! oh I have been looking forward to this!! I’ve been waiting for weeks already. I want to organize things in the house. I’ll love having the time to keep the house cleaner, more organized. I’ll love having more time to spend with the kids.

 I want to take out the sewing machine and turn some old fabric and clothes into something pretty that the girls can wear. I want to google whatever I want and learn new stuff that I’m actually interested in. I want to be able to brush up some of the languages I once used to study.. There are so many things I want to do – and I hope now I’ll get the time to do them. Though I think I shouldn’t hope too much.. Having three kids doesn’t give you much sparetime anyway.. does it?

Today I realized that five weeks from now the kids’ summervacation starts.. five weeks – and the kids are gonna be “mine” again for a couple of months. I know that for some parents the summer is a hard time… they have a hard time having the kids home. I love having them home.. well – most of the time. 🙂 I love going out with them.. seing them playing.. seeing the big ones caring for their little sister. Oh she’s gonna love having them home.

I think also this summer is going to feel shorter than the last one. Dude is going to have a couple of weeks vacation (which he almost never had before).. we have some family coming over from Sweden.. We are going to have a good time. Also.. from the middle of July dude is going to have summer vacation from his studies until middle of October, so we are gonna be able to spend more time together. Aah.. this sounds great. Doesn’t it?


244 cold food

May 17, 2009

Now finally summer is here and the weather is hot.. And the kids aren’t always happy to eat hot food anymore. So now I want tons of recipes of food that is suitable for eating cold.. different salads etc.

So now.. come on! Give me your recipes!!


243 The last week..

May 17, 2009

Ok.. back again.. didn’t write here for a long time – again. Life please slow down a little bit. ok??

I’m on my last week of the studies now.. well.. depends on if I manage to finish in time. I have tons of things left to do. Oh well.. I’ll do my best. If I don’t finish in time – the only things that happens is that I get my well needed summer vacation later – and get the grades later.. To get the grades later is not a problem for me.. though I would love to be free by Friday.. so I’ll of course make a serious try.

So now.. our friend left last tuesday.. so now it’s only us again.
We had a wonderful day last Monday.. we rented a car and went to Kibbutz Kalia, and let the kids try horsebackriding. They had so fun! …and also they got to see other animals too. Our kids aren’t spoiled when it comes to these things. Since we don’t have a car – we almost never go outside our little town. So going out like this – is very different from what they are used to.. I think they will live long on this memory.

I’ll post a few pictures from the horsebackriding.. on purpose without showing the kids’ faces.





Well.. I think you can guess they had a great time.. 🙂

Today.. the kids are at Kindergarten. They were so happy because they are going to some kind of theatre today..  so I hope they are having a good time. A year ago I would freak out every time I knew they were leaving kindergarten for something like this.. I couldn’t help that I was worried.. it can’t be easy for the teachers to go out like that with 34 kids. How can I know that nobody gets lost on the way? I would even keep E home those days.. because it made me feel better.
Though now I have somehow managed to overcome my fear.. so I let them go.. and I’m not worried. I’m sure they have fun.. I’m sure that the teachers are really looking after them.. and I’m sure that the kids are now more secure and they know Hebrew better. Not that I think that it would ever happen .. but if they would get lost – they would be able to tell their name and to which kindergarten they belong. They would ask for help. I guess that helps me to freak out less.
They have to grow up.. become more independent. They have to do things without me.. I have to learn to let somebody else have the control. I think I’m learning.. but it’s not easy.

No news about the “getting the baby to nap”-thing. She still refuses to sleep most days. She takes a nap maybe two or three times a week now. Oh those genes…


242 Pool, tonsillitis and Tipat chalav

May 4, 2009

Last Thursday we brought the kids to the pool – the first time ever. The kids’ pool was too cold so we couldn’t use it.. so we had no other choice but being in the big pool with them. It turned out being a very good day. Almost no people there – only us and a few others.
When we went there we had no idea what the kids’ reactions on the deep water would be but we ended up having a very good day – all kids were brave and had fun!! Our three-year-old was like a dolphin in the water. I think she will learn to swim early.

I also had the opportunity to go to Jerusalem for some shopping with my friend.. Now she’s gone for a few days but will come back for a long  weekend before she’s going back to Sweden.

Today I went to the doctor.. yep – now my turn to have tonsillitis. Though I’m not even half as miserable as dude was when he had it 😉 Though I’ve got to admit it would have been nice to be able to rest a little bit more. Now.. that’s what evenings are for.. right?

I also went with the baby to Tipat Chalav for the 18months checkup- I don’t know how to translate that.. it’s where you go now and then with the baby for vaccinations, and for checking how the baby is growing, development etc..
Turns out she gained more than 2 kilos (4 lbs) since the last time (half a year ago) and for the first time ever the nurse was content. She also got the hepatitis A vaccination. We are going back on Thursday to see the tipat chalav doctor to check the development etc.

Well.. that’s it for now.