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253 Happy Birthday

June 28, 2009

E is tomorrow celebrating his 5th birthday at kindergarten… His real birthday is only in like a month. But since the summer vacation starts on Wednesday they celebrate him tomorrow.

Here is the cake I made for him to bring to kindergarten to share with his friends.
He asked for a cake with fishes on. He didn’t see this yet – he’s sleeping. But I hope he’s gonna like it.


252 creative stuff… and still sick

June 21, 2009

We are now officially on our third week of sicknesses in this house. Now the “baby” is slowly starting to feel better.. but yesterday evening it started for the four-year-old. That means that all three kids has/had it.. We’ll just hope that dude and I will be ok.

I have to say it’s tempting to not let the kids go back to kindergarten at all before the summer vacation (that starts wednesday a week and a half from now) We don’t want any more viruses! We had enough! We’ll see about that though.. Our kids are not returning to the same kindergarten next year.. and it would be a pity if this is our good bye.

Enough with sickness report..
Now I’ll share with you my two latest creations on the sewing machine.

here’s a skirt I made for our three-year-old


And here’s a nightgown –  also for our three-year-old. I made it from the fabric from a nightgown for adults that didn’t fit me.


251 sickness update

June 20, 2009

Yep.. and you thought everything was fine.. everybody healthy again.. back to life!!

Well no… Thursday morning our 20-months-old started vomiting…
Today – Saturday – she is starting to feel better and now we just hope that this is it. But I don’t know if I dare to believe it until I see it.

This year has been insane.. The kids have been sick all the time. It feels like they have almost never went to kindergarten full weeks. Instead – they have been staying home sick many full weeks.

Seems like this blog is mainly about sickness… And I’m sorry – that is true. I wish it could be different. But it really feels like sickness is the only thing going on here.

In a week and a half the summer vacation starts and I’m so happy it does!! Our kids need to stay away from all those kindergarten germs and viruses for a while!! And I really hope next year is going to be a better year. Maybe their immune system will be better because they are a little bit older? One could hope..
We are also planning to let the little one stay home until she turns four. And I hope that will help her to bring home less viruses..

Well.. at least now soon summer vacation is here and I still have hopes for a healthy, happy summer with lots of fun!


250 Feeling better

June 16, 2009

Isn’t it ironic when a kid starts feeling better the very same day as you finally go to do those blood tests?

She’s been staying in bed for a week.. refusing to eat, refusing to drink.. complaining about pain all the time, vomiting..
And then suddenly today she woke up happy, wanted to play, laughing etc.. Went to take the blood test.. and she was amazing – didn’t cry at all even though the nurse had a hard time getting enough out. And then she got to pick a little toy when we were done.. but instead of a toy she picked a toothbrush with a bear. Mommy’s little girl.. I’m so proud!!

On the way home she wanted to buy snacks.. and I thought oh well.. whatever she eats now is good. But I didn’t really think she would be able to eat that. But I was wrong!

She’s been up all day this far and it’s soon 2 pm. I’m so happy and relieved!!!


249 Pediatrician..

June 14, 2009

No news about our girl yet.. I took her to the pediatrician today. still there is a chance that it’s only strep or pharyngitis.. but if so she should be feeling a lot better very soon. So if she is not feeling better by tomorrow we will do blood tests on Tuesday morning.. and then we’ll get to know whether it’s mono or something else..

No improvements on her health yet. Poor baby. 😦


248 Very very sick

June 13, 2009

This hasn’t been a very easy week. Our three-year-old is sick… and not only a little sick… I have honestly never seen any of my kids this sick ever! She has fever, a very bad throat pain, didn’t eat almost at all since Monday, doesn’t drink much.. keeps vomiting now and then. Yesterday she didn’t even have the strength to stand up. She hardly walked from her bed to the couch. And hey.. she is three!!

The night between Thursday and Friday we stayed up all night to give her water every five minutes because she was dehydrated. We didn’t sleep at all. Yesterday hubby took her to the doctor..  and she started a treatment with antibiotics – which I think is wrong because I’m quite sure she doesn’t have strep. This is something else! The antibiotics doesn’t seem to help either.

 We think she might have Infectious mononucleosis. The symtoms seem to match. But we aren’t sure yet… If she’s not getting any better until then I’ll take her to the doctor for further checkups on Monday. Until she’s feeling better we’ll need to keep also her brother home from kindergarten because she is too sick even to go with us in the stroller twice a day when leaving and picking him up at kindergarten.

Just pray she’ll feel better soon. It hurts to see her like this.


247 oh no.. not again..

June 9, 2009

Seems like summer vacation isn’t really vacation..
Dude is working “wrong hours” and the kids are sick… sick… and then sick. Pharyngitis, fever, vomiting etc. etc.. Hey.. I thought winter was the sickness season!! Now.. June. Shouldn’t they be healthy by now???

Our 19-months-old and I are having a fight… A pyjama fight! She keeps taking her pyjama + diaper off after going to sleep… and then our 3-year-old comes to our room in the morning telling us about it… and the rest you can probably figure out by yourself.. eeew!
Now.. what I’ve been doing lately is to turn her pyjamases into something she absolutely can not take off by herself. Well that maybe sounded easy.. just sew the shirt and the pants together and open up and put buttons in the back and done! Well I thought so too.. until two mornings later when I found her again naked and all her stuffed animals and sheets and pillow etc needed to go into the washingmachine.. Doh! How did she do that??

Well now I made her pyjama even more baby-proof so now within a few days we get to se who wins… I think it will be me this time. If this can’t stop her nothing can.

Of course I have other projects too.. transforming old worn out stuff into somethingt usable for the kids. Though what I really want to do is making pretty shirts and dresses for the girls and for that dude has to stop working wrong hours – so that I can go to Jerusalem and get myself some pretty fabric to work with.. I’ve got SO many ideas of things I want to do, I think I’ll have to start collecting them in a book and as soon as I get bored I can just pick something from the book..  🙂