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241 News..

April 26, 2009

Usually our life is more or less just going on… Where dude used to work before – he couldn’t have vacation – like ever!! He was working 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year.. uuh. Though where he works now there actually is such a thing – vacation!! I probably don’t even have to explain how exciting that is!!

In a couple of days my friend will come from Sweden to visit us.. and dude has taken a few days off from work and we are planning on doing things we usually don’t do. For example one day we are planning on going to the pool with the kids. They have NEVER been there. Their only experiences from “swimming” is in Sweden almost three years ago – in the sea.. and the little plastic pool with room for three toddlers squeezed in like sardines.. and maybe mommy’s head blowing bubbles under the water – but absolutely no more! I can’t wait to go to the pool with them!!!

Maybe we are gonna rent a car and go for a daytrip to .. I don’t know where.. didn’t really decide on that.

Now.. last but not least.. this friend who is coming isn’t just a random friend. She is THE Friend.. my best friend since more than 20 years (which is quite an accomplishment when you are 27) She is also the one who set me and dude up (not on purpose.. she didn’t really expect this turning of events..)

Oh yeah.. we’re gonna have a great time!!



240 What is the difference between having two kids and having three?

April 26, 2009

When we had only two kids – I used to have a lot of sparetime.. well not in a positive way. I was bored. I was home with them.. I had nobody to talk with.. hang out with.. and big surprise.. you can’t have serious talks with toddlers and babies.

I was happy when we had the third one.. I thought “well now I’m gonna be more busy”. Great! And hey that was true. Since our third child was born I have been busy all the time. Being bored.. there is no such thing!! I don’t get how one more baby can make such a big difference in the situation. For me that difference was very welcome..
Maybe it is not only having three instead of two kids that make the difference.. but also that the two older ones are really getting older. I communicate with them on another level now. Where they are – there are always things going on. They always have interesting questions.. want help with things etc. I guess that might become even more and more interesting as they get older.

At May 21st I’ll finish my studies.. and after that I’ll be a full time stay home mother for a while. Well I have stayed home until now too. But without the pressure from the studies I’ll be able to enjoy beeing with the kids more, and have more energy left for the family. I think that’s gonna be great. Being home with three kids is a full time job…

Hmm. btw I have no idea what I wanted to say with this post.


239 Homeschooling… what I think.

April 25, 2009

First of all, I’m happy and thankful for all the responses I got on my last post on homeschooling. 🙂

I would maybe have concidered homeschooling myself, if the circumstances were different…

Now… hubby and I both grew up in Sweden. Hubby moved to Israel at the age of 13. I moved here when I was 21. We want our kids to be Israelis, not Swedes living in a cute little Swedish bubble in Israel. There are enough of those in Israel – well not Swedes.. but people living like if they were still living somewhere else. Well I have to admit our home is still quite Swedish and will remain so.. and that’s why we feel that our kids need to learn the social code, the culture, the language etc. somewhere else (read: in school).

But – We don’t think school is enough and we don’t want that to be their only source of influences. Our kids need to learn reading and writing Swedish in order to be able to communicate with relatives. We want them to become comfortable with reading and writing in their mother tongue.. hubby wants to teach them the Swedish history. They will learn Hebrew in school.. and they will get to learn Swedish at home. We also want to teach them English – since we don’t think the English they will learn in school is enough. We like the idea of teaching the kids things that other kids don’t know.. a bigger perspective. We want them to know more about the world – and not only about the spot where they happen to grow up.

I’m thinking more of using the concept of homeschooling for completing where we don’t think that school can do enough for our kids. That’s why I think that pedagogic ideas and experiences from real homeschoolers can help me.
I’m sure for some of you out there homeschooling is the perfect solution. For us it isn’t – but we will use the parts of it that are perfect for our situation.

Thanks again for all the responses and all the useful links!


238 Those genes…

April 24, 2009

Dude doesn’t need to sleep much.. He keeps sleeping 1-2 hours less than me every night – and of course he is tired – but so am I. He would love to sleep more than he does.. but he can sleep 5 hours/night without falling into pieces… In busy times – this is actually good. Hey.. we can sleep when we get older – right?

Though the problem is – that this low need of sleep-gene seems to pop up in our kids too.. which is less good when they are still very young. Our 4-year-old is sleeping 9-10 hours/night.. which is really not much for his age. Now seems like the “baby” has the same thing going on. Since a few weeks she refuses to take a nap some days.. so it’s more or less every second day that she is not napping. Isn’t that very early for a 18-months-old kid?

well.. at least I can blame dude for those habits.. and make him go up when the kids wake up in the night – because he needs less sleep.. and it’s “his fault” that the kids don’t need to sleep.


237 What’s the deal with homeschooling..?

April 24, 2009

I’ve seen lately that homeschooling seems to become more and more popular.. or maybe only now I’m interested enough to see it. Seems like it’s something christians do.. or am I wrong?

I’m just curious if there is anybody out there who is homeschooling – or is planning to do it by the time the kids reach school age. Who is doing it..? Why? and how? It’s quite american? isn’t it? I do see the point with it.. just curious to hear from somebody who knows more about it or is actually doing it!

Please tell me!

Please tell me!


236 Fridays…

April 24, 2009

Friday is a busy day in our house.. We are cleaning, organizing, and cooking a lot. This takes almost the whole day.

But I have to say it is totally worth it. Becuase then the evening comes.. the kids go to sleep.. we make coffee.. We eat yummy dessert, we play games, we watch TV-shows.. we talk.. we have a nice time together.. Maybe that sounds like normal evening stuff to you? Well in our house it isn’t since we are both busy with our studies in the eveing. So Friday evening is THE evening.. our evening of rest. I love Friday Evenings!!

Can it be better?? 🙂


235 loosing weight…

April 24, 2009

This evening I’m gonna eat chocolate!! Unhealthy Friday it is!! Fridays we’re allowed to eat whatever..
I’ve been staying away from sweets for a week now. I just realized I gained too much weight lately. I love cooking and baking.. and I love to eat – and I love chocolate. Plus I’m never far away from the kitchen… not too good.
I’ve never before had enough willpower to loose weight.. but I haven’t really been in need of it either. Now I’m on the edge. If I gain more weight now I’ll be overweight.. and that’s just something I personally can’t accept. So now I have the motivation to do something about it.

 At least this last week went well.. I didn’t exactly loose weight.. though I did manage to stay away from eating too much and eating sweets.. I guess with the time I’ll start to see things happen. I hope so. I want to fit in my old pants again.. wish me luck!

I guess we’ll have to make an exception for Independence day next week too. Because I’m baking a cake. We can’t have Yom haAtzma’ut without birthday cake for our country!!