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195 Swedish Cinnamon Rolls – Kanelbullar

January 20, 2009

These are cinnamon rolls that I baked last Friday. Looks yummy huh?
I tried to translate the recipe of  Kanelbullar into English – but that wasn’t easy. You guys have such a complicated measuring system!! Is there anybody out there who knows both systems that can verify my conversion? Now that I worked so hard with the translation – you’d better try the recipe!!

150 grams butter (1,3 sticks)
5dl milk (2 cups)
1 cube fresh yeast, 50 grams (I have no idea how you measure yeast so this one you’ll have to find out)
1dl sugar (almost ½ cup)
1tsp salt
1,4 L wheat flour (4-4,5 cups)
2 tsp grounded cardamom (optional. I don’t use it because I don’t like it)

150 grams butter (1,3 sticks) room temperature
½ cup sugar

1 egg
Pearl sugar

Break the yeast in a bowl. Melt the butter and add milk. Warm it up until it’s warmish.(37°C  / 98°F)  Now pour the mixture over the yeast. Finally add the other ingredients and work the dough. Let the dough rise under a kitchen towel for about 30 min or until it has doubled the size.

Prepare the filling by mixing the butter (room temperature) with the sugar.

After the dough has rested, divide it into four pieces. Roll the first piece out so that it is about 1/3 inch thick. Butter it  with the butter/sugar mixture and sprinkle it with cinnamon. Now you roll it up. Take a sharp knife and slice it into ten pieces. Put the pieces on a baking tray with baking paper or in paper liners. Do this with the other three pieces of dough too. Now the rolls have to rest another 40 minutes, under a kitchentowel. Use the last 20 minutes to preheat the oven to 225°C /482°F

Beat up an egg and brush egg on the rolls and sprinkle pearl sugar on them.
Put them in the oven for 5-8 min.

Did you know that the Swedish Cinnamon Roll has its own day? Every year at October 4th is “Kanelbullens dag” – The cinnamon roll’s day.


194 Sleepy

January 19, 2009

I like the new routine..
I have no problem getting up in the morning to prepare the kids for kindergarten.
I like dropping them at kindergarten in the morning.. it’s a nice morning walk for me and the baby
I like that dude is coming home early enough to play with the kids a bit and put them to sleep.
I like it.. It is good!!

There is only one problem. I’m so sleepy all the time. Every time I sit down I’m falling asleep. When eating lunch with the kids after school I almost fall asleep. When I study I fall asleep. As a matter of fact – the only time when I don’t fall a sleep – is in the evening when I try to fall asleep. It is so annoying.. and it’s not good for my essay. I can’t study because the words are dancing after reading two pages.. and the third page I’m not even able to finish.

I hope I’ll get used to this.


193 Essay Time

January 17, 2009

It’s time to start writing the essay now.. From now on ten weeks of hard work, and worse of all.. it’s all my responsibility. It is all about self discipline. From now on there is no time for excuses. I’m usually good at excuses why I shouldn’t study.. But now – there are no excuses. I have to – and I know that when I have to – I can do it. I know I can be very effective.. If I have the will power I can do it.

I have the will power and I will do it.

You’ll not get to read the essay.. because it will be in Swedish. I’m not sure you would be interested either. I’ll in some way compare the fabrication of Louis XIV and the fabrication of Gustaf III (of Sweden) according to two different authors. More than that I don’t know myself even.. because I didn’t really read the books yet. But I’ll sure work something out. My teacher helped me to get down to these two books so that hopefully means I’m on the right track. 



192 Got the key, new routine – and miserable girl

January 14, 2009

Yes! We’ve got the key!! There are alltogether 2 keys for 6 apartments. So tomorrow I’ll go with the kids and try to make four copys of the key. If nobody is making something happen.. we have to. Dude checked the shelter too.. He said it was ok but quite dirty. It was cleaned last time a year ago. I’ll go to check it later and maybe some day if I have some time left over I’ll go and clean it out a little.

I guess you’ve already read in dude’s blog about the traffic jams.. Well this has changed the life for me too.

Nowadays dude is going up at 5 already and is going early to work. That means I have to go up in the morning and prepare the kids for kindergarten and bring them there.. So now I have to go up at six.. before I could stay in bed until around 7.15 or 7.30. That is quite a difference.. Also the difference is getting bigger since our four year old wakes up from dude at five – and is spending the rest of the morning trying to wake me and the girls up and get us out from bed. Guess if I’m tired???

On the other hand my husband is coming home two hours earlier in the afternoon and gets to see the kids a little and put them to sleep. But still I’m not really sure I like this new routine.. I’d prefer how it was before the war.

cryinggirl1Our three-year-old is in a very sensitive age/period now. She’s crying every day when we leave her at kindergarten.. begging to stay home instead.. or begging me not to leave. She asks if I can pick them up early – which I sometimes do.. and sometimes don’t. When I ask her why she doesn’t want to be at kindergarten she answers either “Because I’m tired”, or “Because I love you mommy.”  At least she stops crying after I leave and when I pick them up she is usually happy playing. The last weeks – after Hanukkah – we kept them home both Tuesdays and Thursday. Our regular scheedule is staying home Thursdays only. But she needed one extra day to rest these last few weeks. This last Monday night she slept 14 hours. I hope she’ll soon get the energy back again and be happier. Today she caught a cold too – and that does not exactly make the situation better. When she has a cold she is waking up several times every night just crying because she doesn’t feel good.. and the crying makes it worse so then she cries even more. Yep. We have something to look forward to – not.


191 Rocket alarm in the Jerusalem area

January 14, 2009

I really lost all inspiration to blog here.. I guess I’ll some time come back to my old me again..

Today there was a rocket alarm in the entire Jerusalem area – including where we live. I was on my way to kindergarten to pick up the kids when the alarm went off. I just realized that there was no place to hide.. I was too far away from everything.. so I kept walking and listning and looking if something would happen.  Was it only for practice? Noo.. then the siren is not supposed to go up and down. This must be the real one.. Oh well.. There is nothing I can do.
I saw our kindergarten down the hill how the teachers quickly got all the kids in to the bomb shelter… a very fast reaction on something very unexpected.

Nothing happened.. Turns out it was a mistaken tracking.. the computerized air raid system tracked the rocket wrong. It wasn’t fired towards the Jerusalem area as the system predicted. Read more

Dude is NOW going to talk with the neigbors.. we want to have a key to the bomb shelter.. nobody seems to care at all.. But we do. Not that we think that something will happen here. But if there is a shelter we should have a key to it!! Just in case..

Now food and a Seinfeld episode as soon as dude comes back..

Maybe another post later this evening..


190 My true age

January 9, 2009

Today when I went to buy face cream… and the worker at the shop tried to find something good for my skin type.. she estimated my age to “not yet 30”. She didn’t think I was 17. She didn’t say 20.. She didn’t even say 25. She said “not yet thirty” .. and that made me happy. Finally somebody who can see that I’m not a kid.. somebody who can look at me and guess my true age!!



189 Winter

January 1, 2009

It’s winter!! And we are cold!! And I miss the central heating and houses with insulation. I hate being cold.. and the humidity..

Good thing – we bought a new heater before the temperature dropped..
And it’s only for a couple of months.. and then we’ll have spring again.