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we’re still alive

June 24, 2008

Yes.. we are still alive. We just have a lot going on at the moment and the blog is just the last thing we’re thinking about.

I finished my semester so now I have summer “vacation”. I’m busy packing since we are moving in another week..

And it goes like this: Packing two things – taking baby out from box. Packing another two things – going to take the baby out from the bathroom. packing another two things, picking out small pieces of paper from baby’s mouth. Going to the bathroom.. coming back. Can’t find the baby. Finally¬†Emunah is screaming. I’m going there.. trying to make the baby stop pulling Emunah’s hair. Coming back to the box where I started packing – finding the box empty. Baby screaming – fell from standing by the couch. And so on…

And also there was a wedding.. and there was a party for all the kids and parents at Efraim’s kindergarten yesterday.. and we also had to renew my visa etc. And except for all this we still have to eat, keep the floor clean (for the baby) do laundy and so on.

Hubby busy studying… he’s having a big mathematics test tomorrow. Anyway.. he is doing very well at his new work.. a lot to learn and not always so easy.. but he is happier and he is working with good people. Last but not least he has more time over for the family.. we’re all happy!!

We’ll be back some time after moving.

Amber – if you are reading this. I didn’t manage to reach your blog. Did you make it private? How can we reach it?