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242 Pool, tonsillitis and Tipat chalav

May 4, 2009

Last Thursday we brought the kids to the pool – the first time ever. The kids’ pool was too cold so we couldn’t use it.. so we had no other choice but being in the big pool with them. It turned out being a very good day. Almost no people there – only us and a few others.
When we went there we had no idea what the kids’ reactions on the deep water would be but we ended up having a very good day – all kids were brave and had fun!! Our three-year-old was like a dolphin in the water. I think she will learn to swim early.

I also had the opportunity to go to Jerusalem for some shopping with my friend.. Now she’s gone for a few days but will come back for a long  weekend before she’s going back to Sweden.

Today I went to the doctor.. yep – now my turn to have tonsillitis. Though I’m not even half as miserable as dude was when he had it 😉 Though I’ve got to admit it would have been nice to be able to rest a little bit more. Now.. that’s what evenings are for.. right?

I also went with the baby to Tipat Chalav for the 18months checkup- I don’t know how to translate that.. it’s where you go now and then with the baby for vaccinations, and for checking how the baby is growing, development etc..
Turns out she gained more than 2 kilos (4 lbs) since the last time (half a year ago) and for the first time ever the nurse was content. She also got the hepatitis A vaccination. We are going back on Thursday to see the tipat chalav doctor to check the development etc.

Well.. that’s it for now.