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243 The last week..

May 17, 2009

Ok.. back again.. didn’t write here for a long time – again. Life please slow down a little bit. ok??

I’m on my last week of the studies now.. well.. depends on if I manage to finish in time. I have tons of things left to do. Oh well.. I’ll do my best. If I don’t finish in time – the only things that happens is that I get my well needed summer vacation later – and get the grades later.. To get the grades later is not a problem for me.. though I would love to be free by Friday.. so I’ll of course make a serious try.

So now.. our friend left last tuesday.. so now it’s only us again.
We had a wonderful day last Monday.. we rented a car and went to Kibbutz Kalia, and let the kids try horsebackriding. They had so fun! …and also they got to see other animals too. Our kids aren’t spoiled when it comes to these things. Since we don’t have a car – we almost never go outside our little town. So going out like this – is very different from what they are used to.. I think they will live long on this memory.

I’ll post a few pictures from the horsebackriding.. on purpose without showing the kids’ faces.





Well.. I think you can guess they had a great time.. 🙂

Today.. the kids are at Kindergarten. They were so happy because they are going to some kind of theatre today..  so I hope they are having a good time. A year ago I would freak out every time I knew they were leaving kindergarten for something like this.. I couldn’t help that I was worried.. it can’t be easy for the teachers to go out like that with 34 kids. How can I know that nobody gets lost on the way? I would even keep E home those days.. because it made me feel better.
Though now I have somehow managed to overcome my fear.. so I let them go.. and I’m not worried. I’m sure they have fun.. I’m sure that the teachers are really looking after them.. and I’m sure that the kids are now more secure and they know Hebrew better. Not that I think that it would ever happen .. but if they would get lost – they would be able to tell their name and to which kindergarten they belong. They would ask for help. I guess that helps me to freak out less.
They have to grow up.. become more independent. They have to do things without me.. I have to learn to let somebody else have the control. I think I’m learning.. but it’s not easy.

No news about the “getting the baby to nap”-thing. She still refuses to sleep most days. She takes a nap maybe two or three times a week now. Oh those genes…


177 Too much coffee

December 1, 2008

I handed in the paper yesterday evening – late.. Now there’s almost two weeks until the next one.

The last few days I’ve been living on coffee in the evenings.. once the first cup is empty.. I take another one. That’s seriously the only way to manage when you’re so tired that you fall asleep when you try to read – and added to that headache. But now I’m done with this paper. And now I’m trying to cut down on the coffee.. Yesterday I had 6 big cups (300cc each) and that’s just too much. I feel that it’s not good for the body. I almost felt sick from it yesterday. Coffee is seriously almost the only thing I drink.. I hardly drink water. uuh.. not good.

Today I didn’t have any this far. I will have.. if not I’ll be all shaking and have a very bad migraine before the evening. But maybe two cups could be enough for today.. one after lunch and one in the evening with dude.


¤ 139 Schedule doesn’t look pretty

October 23, 2008

Reducing my blog activity, See you later, what is this all about? Tell me! A club? Can I join?

Reality came back and bit me in the ass. For a long time – let’s say a month – there has been less pressure in school.. I have no idea why.. Either I missed something essential (but I really don’t think I did) or it just happened to be a very good timing with our holidays.. But now holidays are over and so is the time with less pressure. Help me to breathe – somebody!! The schedule is not pretty..

In some way it will also become easier.. From Sunday the two oldest kids will be back in Kindergarten, and I will get more time for myself and for studying etc. At the moment I’m exhausted.. The kids have been home for two weeks now.. nothing wrong with that. But together with all the extra stuff to do between all the holidays.. I admit it..I’m exhausted. I’m longing for some time with a little bit more silence.  I’m happy the holidays are over for this time – and I’m happy the kids are going back to school. Normal life.. routines, the ability to do something.. to read a text, make a sandwich, write a shopping list – without beeing interrupted every ten seconds.. sounds like music to me..!! The last few days I have even had difficulties to read a nice easy interesting blog. I keep reading the same line over and over again – and it seems like greek to me – but I know it’s not. It’s only me beeing tired.
Actually kindergarten started already today – but because of different reasons we’re sending the kids back only by Sunday.

As for the blog… this of course the back to reality thingie means that I will have less time. Real life is real life – blog is blog. I’m not going to make a complete list of my RSS like dude did. I’ll just say – If you see me around – I am around. If I don’t comment – I might still be there, but maybe I just dot have enough time and energy to leave a reply. I will probably blog less – but I won’t stop blogging. And those who I (we) really care about.. we won’t care less..we’re just more busy.


¤ 52 Back to routine

August 23, 2008

Sabbath is a good invention!

Tomorron we are getting our new computer. Yeay! On Monday I start studying again. The timing is perfect!

Soo.. we’re slowly slowly going back to routine. Another week the kids (only the big ones.. baby stays home) are going back to kindergarten – five hours a day – six days a week. That will make it easier for me to study! This will be the first time for Emunah to go to kindergarten. She’ll be 3 years old in another month and until now she has been home with me all her life. So it’s gonna’ be a big change for her. It will probably take her a while to get used to it. Good that her brother is there to.. that will make it easier for her.

Euhm.. kids are tired.. and cranky.. I’ll make a try and play some piano for them… soon time to eat and go to sleep.


we’re still alive

June 24, 2008

Yes.. we are still alive. We just have a lot going on at the moment and the blog is just the last thing we’re thinking about.

I finished my semester so now I have summer “vacation”. I’m busy packing since we are moving in another week..

And it goes like this: Packing two things – taking baby out from box. Packing another two things – going to take the baby out from the bathroom. packing another two things, picking out small pieces of paper from baby’s mouth. Going to the bathroom.. coming back. Can’t find the baby. Finally Emunah is screaming. I’m going there.. trying to make the baby stop pulling Emunah’s hair. Coming back to the box where I started packing – finding the box empty. Baby screaming – fell from standing by the couch. And so on…

And also there was a wedding.. and there was a party for all the kids and parents at Efraim’s kindergarten yesterday.. and we also had to renew my visa etc. And except for all this we still have to eat, keep the floor clean (for the baby) do laundy and so on.

Hubby busy studying… he’s having a big mathematics test tomorrow. Anyway.. he is doing very well at his new work.. a lot to learn and not always so easy.. but he is happier and he is working with good people. Last but not least he has more time over for the family.. we’re all happy!!

We’ll be back some time after moving.

Amber – if you are reading this. I didn’t manage to reach your blog. Did you make it private? How can we reach it?