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243 The last week..

May 17, 2009

Ok.. back again.. didn’t write here for a long time – again. Life please slow down a little bit. ok??

I’m on my last week of the studies now.. well.. depends on if I manage to finish in time. I have tons of things left to do. Oh well.. I’ll do my best. If I don’t finish in time – the only things that happens is that I get my well needed summer vacation later – and get the grades later.. To get the grades later is not a problem for me.. though I would love to be free by Friday.. so I’ll of course make a serious try.

So now.. our friend left last tuesday.. so now it’s only us again.
We had a wonderful day last Monday.. we rented a car and went to Kibbutz Kalia, and let the kids try horsebackriding. They had so fun! …and also they got to see other animals too. Our kids aren’t spoiled when it comes to these things. Since we don’t have a car – we almost never go outside our little town. So going out like this – is very different from what they are used to.. I think they will live long on this memory.

I’ll post a few pictures from the horsebackriding.. on purpose without showing the kids’ faces.





Well.. I think you can guess they had a great time.. 🙂

Today.. the kids are at Kindergarten. They were so happy because they are going to some kind of theatre today..  so I hope they are having a good time. A year ago I would freak out every time I knew they were leaving kindergarten for something like this.. I couldn’t help that I was worried.. it can’t be easy for the teachers to go out like that with 34 kids. How can I know that nobody gets lost on the way? I would even keep E home those days.. because it made me feel better.
Though now I have somehow managed to overcome my fear.. so I let them go.. and I’m not worried. I’m sure they have fun.. I’m sure that the teachers are really looking after them.. and I’m sure that the kids are now more secure and they know Hebrew better. Not that I think that it would ever happen .. but if they would get lost – they would be able to tell their name and to which kindergarten they belong. They would ask for help. I guess that helps me to freak out less.
They have to grow up.. become more independent. They have to do things without me.. I have to learn to let somebody else have the control. I think I’m learning.. but it’s not easy.

No news about the “getting the baby to nap”-thing. She still refuses to sleep most days. She takes a nap maybe two or three times a week now. Oh those genes…


¤ 50 Secret Languages and Private Talk

August 21, 2008

How can one live without having a secret language? I’m feeling so exposed if I have to talk private stuff in a language that people around me understand. Even if it’s not that private, just regular talk – I’m uncomfortable with it. Or maybe I’m just spoiled. Maybe other people don’t talk about stuff when people are around? Or maybe they don’t care?

I speak Swedish with my family – quite safe here in Israel, even though it happened a few times that I met people who understand Swedish.. and it went all weird and embarrassing and you start thinking What the heck did I talk about the last few minutes. I hope I didn’t say anything bad.

When we don’t want the kids to hear what we say.. when we want to plan things without their opinion – or just be able to talk without their comments about this and that – we speak English. Works fine! -this far. Though Efraim is curious and started asking a lot and is slowly slowly starting to learn a bit. He knows a lot more English than I did when I was ten and started studying English in school. That’s one of the reasons we now started studying Spanish.. so we can switch to Spanish when the kids reach the level in English where they will actually understand what we’re saying.

When we go to Sweden (which happened only once this far) we speak Hhebrew.. quite safe too. There are only a few situations where we really don’t have any language that works.. and that’s when the whole family is around.. with brothers and parents who understand both Hebrew and Swedish. And that’s why we’ve got to add some more languages to our list!!