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259 So now we know what it’s like

October 7, 2009

So.. here we are.. almost 8 weeks done of the pregnancy. And now I know what the morning sickness is like this time. I had a very hard time for a week around the 6th-7th week. Constantly nauseaus and exhausted. It didn’t exactly help that I from one day to another had to stop drinking coffee. I can’t stand even the smell anymore. I had the same problem in my last pregnancy.

Now.. as long as I sleep enough – which means 8-10 hours a night.. and can take a nap daytime + keep eating all the time – I’m feeling quite ok. Though if I don’t sleep enough and don’t eat all the time I’m sick sick sick.

The problem with the constant eating is that I’ll probably gain a lot more weight this time than with the girls. With them I gained only the weight from the pregnancy itself. I was back to myself the same day they were born.
I’m also craving “bad things” this time.. like hamburgers, pizza, fried food, candy etc. Hubby says I’m craving manly food – so it’s probably a boy this time.. And he is right that this pregnancy is more like the one I had with our son than the ones with the girls. So maybe we really do have a boy this time… we’ll see.

Now I just can’t wait until we’re done with the first trimester. I’m so sick of being sick all the time.


173 The need of alarm clocks

November 23, 2008

For a very long time we had no need of alarm clocks… We kind of have three kids who are coming in the morning.. bouncing on us if we don’t get up. But believe it or not – they finally got the point. They stopped waking us up in the morning. They can now handle going to the toilet alone – without our help.  E can’t reach the light switch.. but she does have a brother who is happy to help her. And also.. most mornings they start playing without fighting (!!!) Can you believe that?? The baby can’t get up from her crib all by herself, and she usually doesn’t want to go up too early either.
I really hope this is not temporary.. because it’s great!!

Now for a couple of days we woke up almost a little too late. So from now on we’ve got to trust the alarm clocks instead of the kids. Hey they are really getting big.. our babies.


159 Sleep?

November 4, 2008

Sleeping… is something we don’t do enough in this house. The kids do.. They go to sleep early. We don’t.. we stay up until late (at least midnight.. usually we don’t fall asleep until around 1.00 am) And then – around 5.30-6 the kids wake us up.. We try to keep them in bed until 6.. which is when the day starts. (though I stay in bed half-sleeping until around 7)

I’m exhausted.. I’m so tired that I can’t sit down for a long time without falling asleep. I try to read something.. and after like half a page it’s just blur. Around lunchtime is the worse.. the food make me all dizzy.. And in the evening I have a hard time forcing myself to be serious – because I’m tired. On the other hand.. look at me!! I’ve felt like this now for years already.. And I’m still alive.. I’m still pretty healthy.. and I have some sense of humor..  quite amazing!

Only my brain is getting a bit messed up.. I’m loosing my short term memory.. forgetting to drink my coffee, going to the kitchen to get something – and by the time I get there I can’t remember what I came for.

We’ve said so many times that we need to go to sleep early.. that we need to sleep more every night. But you know.. that’s easy to say – and harder to do. We both stay up late to study.. Maybe dude has more than I have. But then we have the problem that I can’t fall asleep until he is going to sleep. No matter how hard I try I can’t fall asleep.. because I’m kind of waiting. If he isn’t home(very unusual) or if I know that he has to stay up the entire night(very unusual too) I can fall asleep.. because then I’m not expecting him to come.

I realize it’s a bad circle.. I just don’t find the solution for it. We’ve tried for so long to get more sleep.. but it didn’t work. Why can’t there just be like 5 hours more every day (or night)?? That would make it easier.

Now is around ten in the evening.. And now I’m going to read a book about the Weimar Culture by Peter Gay. That SHOULD make me sleepy. (which in some way is good and some way not.. since that’s what I’m supposed to study) Studying in bed is the best sleeping pill one can have!

Btw. I have to check a list of things that happen with the body and the brain due to lack of sleep.. Maybe half of my personality hides in there.. you never know.