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173 The need of alarm clocks

November 23, 2008

For a very long time we had no need of alarm clocks… We kind of have three kids who are coming in the morning.. bouncing on us if we don’t get up. But believe it or not – they finally got the point. They stopped waking us up in the morning. They can now handle going to the toilet alone – without our help.  E can’t reach the light switch.. but she does have a brother who is happy to help her. And also.. most mornings they start playing without fighting (!!!) Can you believe that?? The baby can’t get up from her crib all by herself, and she usually doesn’t want to go up too early either.
I really hope this is not temporary.. because it’s great!!

Now for a couple of days we woke up almost a little too late. So from now on we’ve got to trust the alarm clocks instead of the kids. Hey they are really getting big.. our babies.


¤ 66 Quick update..

September 6, 2008

Back after weekend.. well we’ve been home all the time, but we usually spend shabat resting, beeing with the family etc… so usually I catch up reading the blogs only Saturday evening – or even Sunday.

This weekend we had my parents over.. Nice to have them here again. The kids got birthday presents from my brother and sister (and their families). =)

So now starts a new week for us. You know here in Israel Sunday is like a Monday.. which means weekend is over.. back to work – back to school etc. Tomorrow morning we are going to take the kids to the dentist for the first time.. just a general checkup.
Tomorrow evening I have to hand in a paper for the University.. I should get started.. didn’t start to write it yet.. though I know more or less what to write.

This coming week I’ll have to be more organized. I have a lot to do now since school started again. But I also think this week will be easier. Last week the kids were at kindergarten only for a couple of hours the first days. This week they will be there more.