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259 So now we know what it’s like

October 7, 2009

So.. here we are.. almost 8 weeks done of the pregnancy. And now I know what the morning sickness is like this time. I had a very hard time for a week around the 6th-7th week. Constantly nauseaus and exhausted. It didn’t exactly help that I from one day to another had to stop drinking coffee. I can’t stand even the smell anymore. I had the same problem in my last pregnancy.

Now.. as long as I sleep enough – which means 8-10 hours a night.. and can take a nap daytime + keep eating all the time – I’m feeling quite ok. Though if I don’t sleep enough and don’t eat all the time I’m sick sick sick.

The problem with the constant eating is that I’ll probably gain a lot more weight this time than with the girls. With them I gained only the weight from the pregnancy itself. I was back to myself the same day they were born.
I’m also craving “bad things” this time.. like hamburgers, pizza, fried food, candy etc. Hubby says I’m craving manly food – so it’s probably a boy this time.. And he is right that this pregnancy is more like the one I had with our son than the ones with the girls. So maybe we really do have a boy this time… we’ll see.

Now I just can’t wait until we’re done with the first trimester. I’m so sick of being sick all the time.


¤ 72 babies

September 8, 2008

We (me and hubby) had this discussion a couple of week ago.. the discussion about having another baby.. or not having another baby. The timing would be perfect.. pregnant during the winter when it is not so hot.. (I have already been pregnant in the summer three times.. and had enough of it) when the big kids are at kindergarten in the morning – which gives me more rest. It would be soon enough.. I mean – when all the kids are already big it might be harder to think about having babies.. to start everything all over again.

We were both on the idea.. but we decided to think about it for a while.. and after a couple of weeks we decided to postpone the idea for a year or something.. That would be soon enough.. wouldn’t it? We want our kids to be close in age.. but we need to sleep some time in life too.. I mean – we could do it.. but I don’t think I’m ready yet.. not ready to enter another year of beeing a freekishly tired and unreasonable hormone monster.(yeah.. hubby would agree to that description) I don’t like to be pregnant.. I’m suffering really bad from it – and so do my family. But we can’t stand the thought of not having another one.. There has always been four on the “schedule”. If we could adopt – we would rather do that – but it’s way too expensive. We could save money for it and do it when we are 76 years old – yeay – what a great idea – don’t you think? No.. I think we have to accept the fact that I have to go through another pregnancy. But we’re gonna’ wait with that for a while.

A good thing with waiting another year could also be that hopefully my body is getting back to more normal.. Next time I would like to make it to the hospital – but I have no idea how. Talitha – our 10 months old baby was born at home in the bathroom before we even had the time to call for an ambulance. I’m happy it happened in the night when hubby was home and could help. What if next time it happens when I’m home alone with the kids.. if hubby is at work., and I don’t have a babysitter like next door.. which I usually don’t have. I don’t even want to think about it. *scared*


¤30 Major flood and the best hubby one could have

July 30, 2008

The washing machine broke today.. not pumping out the water wich resulted in a major flood in our laundry room and kitchen… I had to open it- to get the clothes out. And then I had to continue washing them by hand.. and also some other stuff that I couldn’t wait to wash. So.. that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to today. At least it was a good day for the baby to decide to sleep for almost four hours.

The washing machine fixing guy is coming tomorrow evening and that’s gonna cost us a fortune that we don’t have. Anyway. Could be worse.
God is good

I ended up having a nice afternoon/evening with Efraim and Talitha in the garden after Emunah went to sleep.. Everything just calms down when she’s going to sleep. It’s both that Efraim doesn’t have anybody to fight with.. and also that Emunah herself is in a very tough age right now.. almost three years old. Oh well.

Hubby is home.. doing dishes.. I can’t since I have a really bad eczema on my hands. I have had that for more than four years now and nothing but the strongest steroids helps. Usually I’m struggling with something less efficient since it’s very hard to convince the doctors that I need the strong stuff.
Poor hubby.. I wish we could have a dish washer. That would give him more time to fight Amber.. sorry – I mean more time to study and to be with the family.

Anyway.. he’s the best husband one can ever have.. always thinking of me first.. giving all his time(which is still very little) to his family.. doing dishes and going out with the trash.. never complaining, I never have to ask him about it.. He is both working and studying – in order to as soon as possible get us out of this bad economic situation.. to give us a better life. Always working hard -never complaining. He is respecting and supporting me.. and most amazing he still loves me even though I spent 3 years – out of the 5,5 we’ve been married – being a hormone monster

He is the best father a kid could ever have. He is spending time with them.. reading books with them, playing with them, changing diapers, going up for them in the night.. He’s that kind of father that all kids should have – but only a few do.  

I could say more good stuff about him.. but I’m just gonna keep that for myself. And btw. He is not for sale!