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¤ 26 More time together for a change..

July 27, 2008

We’re finally getting our garden really nice.. got all the trash out of it, and we’re starting to think about how we want to have it.. putting gravel, planting flowers and trees. Well.. I am thinking, planning and dreaming. Hubby didn’t have so much time (or interest?) to do so.. he just agreed to everything I said this far. I wouldn’t complain..

Since he finished the semester – and now he is having only one, quite simple computer course – we’re finally having some more time together.. we’ve been longing for that. The rest of the year spending time together would be instead of sleeping. So now we have a month to spend some time together before “the reality” starts again. I’m happy this is gonna have an end in another few years.(when we don’t have to study any longer)

People keep asking me if it is hard to have all the kids home the whole summer.. with no Kindergarten. And I keep saying no.. It isn’t. First of all there is not that a big difference. Before I was home with two kids. Now I’m home with three. That is only one more. And hey. I love our kids and I like spending time with them. I like to see how happy they are about the garden, and the pool, to play more with each other.. see them learning new things.
And also – since we don’t have a car it was quite a project to take Efraim home from Kindergarten every day. That took us an hour every day. So it is actually easier now. Though in september when it starts again i will really feel the difference since only the baby will be home with me. Maybe I will even have the time to study for a couple of hours in the morning and have less left for the evening. 🙂

I’m not gonna bore you anymore now.. time to go to sleep

Good night!