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¬§ 28 Birthday Preparations

July 29, 2008

It is time to start the preparations for Efraim’s 4th birthday which is on Sunday. But we’re going to celebrate him already Saturday in order to do it a day when daddy is home. We think he would like that more..
Time to think if we have all the presents.. wrapping them.. thinking of how to bake a penguin cake¬†– that’s Efraim’s request -and of course mommy is doing whatever she can to make the little boy happy.

He’s gonna be 4… FOUR!! Isn’t that huge? We’re gonna have a big boy. Not only a baby, not a toddler.. A CHILD!! Time is passing way to fast! But in some way I’m also happy for that.. to see the results of what we’re doing. To see him growing up to be a talented and intelligent person. And I have to say I’m very curious about the future.