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179 It makes a difference

December 3, 2008

It’s eleven in the evening.. we just took the baby up from her bed. She’s boiling!! cheeks.. very high fever.. but happy to be up.. watching dad doing dishes.. making funny noises(the baby.. not the dad) It feels good that she doesn’t seem to be so affected from the fever.. but it made her wake up – and she doesn’t seem to be able to go back to sleep. We just gave her fever reliever.. and a bottle.. and hope that will help her go back to sleep.

The other two are still sick too.. both with ear-infections and coughing.. one with fever – one without. Yeay.. we are one happy family at the moment.. The kids stay home at least until Thursday.

Though there is one thing – that makes the whole difference. We have nice weather!! It’s pretty cold in the night.. but the days are.. well.. not exactly warm.. but quite warm – and sunny. It’s the kind of weather that make you happy.. And this is one of the situations when I’m overly happy that we do have a garden. It doesn’t matter how sick the kids are – I can still go out to get some fresh air!! I can still enjoy the nice weather. And kids… aren’t exactly staying in bed all the time when they are sick.. so they can play outside too. It’s great!!

And also.. we spend the days baking.. Nobody is too sick for baking and doing hand crafts and other stuff.. so we aren’t really miserable.. We are actually having quite a good time..:)


¤ 109 The Best Kind of Fridays

October 10, 2008

I love those Fridays when the weather is nice.. not too hot – not too cold – no rain. Then I just send hubby out to the playground with the kids in the afternoon..

And I have the entire afternoon alone at home for cleaning and cooking and preparing for shabat. No kids to stumble upon.. no screaming, no begging, no small fingers to keep away from the stove, no stolen oven mittens, no fighting in the kids’ room, no small (or big) feet making new footprints where I just cleaned, no kid that badly needs to pee when I just got started cleaning the toilet, no baby freaked out by the vacuum cleaner, no comments on every single move I make, no questions about how and when and what and why, no hubby trying to hug me when I’m in the most tricky part of the recipe, no baby sitting under the table eating dry macaroni and nasty bread crumbs (and crayons and small suspicious pieces of plastic).

I love to hear the voices in my head again!!

Don’t take me wrong.. I love my family! But it’s just SO nice to have one afternoon alone.. to be able to do all these things without “help”. And there is SO much more energy left when the evening comes..