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243 The last week..

May 17, 2009

Ok.. back again.. didn’t write here for a long time – again. Life please slow down a little bit. ok??

I’m on my last week of the studies now.. well.. depends on if I manage to finish in time. I have tons of things left to do. Oh well.. I’ll do my best. If I don’t finish in time – the only things that happens is that I get my well needed summer vacation later – and get the grades later.. To get the grades later is not a problem for me.. though I would love to be free by Friday.. so I’ll of course make a serious try.

So now.. our friend left last tuesday.. so now it’s only us again.
We had a wonderful day last Monday.. we rented a car and went to Kibbutz Kalia, and let the kids try horsebackriding. They had so fun! …and also they got to see other animals too. Our kids aren’t spoiled when it comes to these things. Since we don’t have a car – we almost never go outside our little town. So going out like this – is very different from what they are used to.. I think they will live long on this memory.

I’ll post a few pictures from the horsebackriding.. on purpose without showing the kids’ faces.





Well.. I think you can guess they had a great time.. 🙂

Today.. the kids are at Kindergarten. They were so happy because they are going to some kind of theatre today..  so I hope they are having a good time. A year ago I would freak out every time I knew they were leaving kindergarten for something like this.. I couldn’t help that I was worried.. it can’t be easy for the teachers to go out like that with 34 kids. How can I know that nobody gets lost on the way? I would even keep E home those days.. because it made me feel better.
Though now I have somehow managed to overcome my fear.. so I let them go.. and I’m not worried. I’m sure they have fun.. I’m sure that the teachers are really looking after them.. and I’m sure that the kids are now more secure and they know Hebrew better. Not that I think that it would ever happen .. but if they would get lost – they would be able to tell their name and to which kindergarten they belong. They would ask for help. I guess that helps me to freak out less.
They have to grow up.. become more independent. They have to do things without me.. I have to learn to let somebody else have the control. I think I’m learning.. but it’s not easy.

No news about the “getting the baby to nap”-thing. She still refuses to sleep most days. She takes a nap maybe two or three times a week now. Oh those genes…


238 Those genes…

April 24, 2009

Dude doesn’t need to sleep much.. He keeps sleeping 1-2 hours less than me every night – and of course he is tired – but so am I. He would love to sleep more than he does.. but he can sleep 5 hours/night without falling into pieces… In busy times – this is actually good. Hey.. we can sleep when we get older – right?

Though the problem is – that this low need of sleep-gene seems to pop up in our kids too.. which is less good when they are still very young. Our 4-year-old is sleeping 9-10 hours/night.. which is really not much for his age. Now seems like the “baby” has the same thing going on. Since a few weeks she refuses to take a nap some days.. so it’s more or less every second day that she is not napping. Isn’t that very early for a 18-months-old kid?

well.. at least I can blame dude for those habits.. and make him go up when the kids wake up in the night – because he needs less sleep.. and it’s “his fault” that the kids don’t need to sleep.


188 Winter and extra vacation

December 31, 2008

We decided on keeping the kids home one extra week after the Hanukkah vacation. We want to pay them back for the missed vacation when we were sick. It’s also cold and raining and they will probably not go out at all at kindergarten. If they anyway watch TV at kindergarten instead of playing outside.. they could better play and watch TV at home.. and play in the garden in between the showers. There is no use sending them to kindergarten in this situation. Kids don’t get sick from playing outside in cold and rainy weather – if they are just dressed warm enough. The more time they spend outside – the healthier. They are rather getting sick from spending a lot of time inside with other kids – sharing all the viruses in a humid environment. duh! There are a lot of people who are sick now.. at least one in almost every family. So I think it’s good to protect the kids from all that too – as long as it’s possible. We’ve been sick enough!

On Sunday we’ll let them go back. We can’t keep them home forever just because it’s winter.

This weekend we’re gonna celebrate my birthday. 🙂 I’m getting old!

Btw.. Happy new year!
For me new years eve means nothing except for that I have to learn to write the date differently. I’ll have to practice this evening.. 🙂


183 The weekend

December 16, 2008

We had a wonderful weekend in Haifa.. celebrating hubby’s grandfathers 95th(!!!) birthday. The kids were home with my parents and had a good time too.

It’s interesting to go somewhere without kids.. it feels like something is missing. And now and then you panic.. until you remember that the kids are home with safta. Every time you meet kids about the same size as your kids – you think about them.. and miss them.. even though it’s sooo great to be away for a while.. so nice to not have to bring two giant suitcases for only two days.. to sit in the bus and relax – witout bouncing toddlers on the lap.. to be able to take a long walk – knowing that nobody is going to complain that it’s too far.. to sleep a long night – without waking up at 4,30 in the night – from somebody shouting “fääääääärdig!!” from the bathroom.. To stay in a hotel – that didn’t happen since the wedding night.. almost six years ago.. This wasn’t a fancy hotel.. but for us it was fancy. Everything that is not at home – and some privacy.. is fancy to us!!
To get up, get dressed, eating breakfast – concentrating on what YOU want on YOUR sandwich..

But also of course.. it’s nice to get home.. to sneek in to the kids’ rooms – watch them when they are sleeping.. to wake up the next morning from “fäääääärdig” and see that everything is like it has always been.. that nothing changed, and how extremely cute they are.. To see how happy they are that you are back home again.. hearing the stories of what they’ve been up to with the grandparents.
To come back home with new energy, and know even more to appreciate theese little cuties.

Oboy.. we have to do this again some time.. and then two nights please.. One night was good.. two nights would be just perfect! Next time Eilat…


181 Planning on a weekend

December 7, 2008

The kids are feeling better here.. finally!!

And now we are planning on a short trip without kids.. the first time ever since our oldest was born – and he is four and a half!! Well the reason we are going is not to go somewhere without kids.. it’s somebody’s birthday we’re going for.. and the place we’re going to is not suitable for kids.  So they’re staying with my parents. But we are sure gonna enjoy this!! It’s not gonna be fancy. We’re going there by bus.. and we’re looking for the cheapest bed & breakfast we can find. But I tell you – this is huge for us!! Just to be away.. together.. without the kids.. for a weekend! 


179 It makes a difference

December 3, 2008

It’s eleven in the evening.. we just took the baby up from her bed. She’s boiling!! cheeks.. very high fever.. but happy to be up.. watching dad doing dishes.. making funny noises(the baby.. not the dad) It feels good that she doesn’t seem to be so affected from the fever.. but it made her wake up – and she doesn’t seem to be able to go back to sleep. We just gave her fever reliever.. and a bottle.. and hope that will help her go back to sleep.

The other two are still sick too.. both with ear-infections and coughing.. one with fever – one without. Yeay.. we are one happy family at the moment.. The kids stay home at least until Thursday.

Though there is one thing – that makes the whole difference. We have nice weather!! It’s pretty cold in the night.. but the days are.. well.. not exactly warm.. but quite warm – and sunny. It’s the kind of weather that make you happy.. And this is one of the situations when I’m overly happy that we do have a garden. It doesn’t matter how sick the kids are – I can still go out to get some fresh air!! I can still enjoy the nice weather. And kids… aren’t exactly staying in bed all the time when they are sick.. so they can play outside too. It’s great!!

And also.. we spend the days baking.. Nobody is too sick for baking and doing hand crafts and other stuff.. so we aren’t really miserable.. We are actually having quite a good time..:)


173 The need of alarm clocks

November 23, 2008

For a very long time we had no need of alarm clocks… We kind of have three kids who are coming in the morning.. bouncing on us if we don’t get up. But believe it or not – they finally got the point. They stopped waking us up in the morning. They can now handle going to the toilet alone – without our help.  E can’t reach the light switch.. but she does have a brother who is happy to help her. And also.. most mornings they start playing without fighting (!!!) Can you believe that?? The baby can’t get up from her crib all by herself, and she usually doesn’t want to go up too early either.
I really hope this is not temporary.. because it’s great!!

Now for a couple of days we woke up almost a little too late. So from now on we’ve got to trust the alarm clocks instead of the kids. Hey they are really getting big.. our babies.