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188 Winter and extra vacation

December 31, 2008

We decided on keeping the kids home one extra week after the Hanukkah vacation. We want to pay them back for the missed vacation when we were sick. It’s also cold and raining and they will probably not go out at all at kindergarten. If they anyway watch TV at kindergarten instead of playing outside.. they could better play and watch TV at home.. and play in the garden in between the showers. There is no use sending them to kindergarten in this situation. Kids don’t get sick from playing outside in cold and rainy weather – if they are just dressed warm enough. The more time they spend outside – the healthier. They are rather getting sick from spending a lot of time inside with other kids – sharing all the viruses in a humid environment. duh! There are a lot of people who are sick now.. at least one in almost every family. So I think it’s good to protect the kids from all that too – as long as it’s possible. We’ve been sick enough!

On Sunday we’ll let them go back. We can’t keep them home forever just because it’s winter.

This weekend we’re gonna celebrate my birthday. 🙂 I’m getting old!

Btw.. Happy new year!
For me new years eve means nothing except for that I have to learn to write the date differently. I’ll have to practice this evening.. 🙂


¤ 79 I bumped into pictures from Stockholm today

September 15, 2008

It turns out what our girl is having in her face is impetigo. So from now on she is on a ten day antibiotics + some kind of cream.

We didn’t go to our regular family doctor today, because he was available only on Thursday.. So we went to another one. Ehum.. interesting experience. When he heard I was speaking Swedish with the kids he told me he had been to Sweden – and started showing me pictures from Stockholm in his palm pilot. Since that’s what doctors usually do… right?? Well.. there were not many waiting.. seemed to be one of the less busy days.. but still. Oh well. It was fun. I haven’t been to Stockholm for like ten years(?) Now – that wasn’t perfectly true.. I think last time was when I went with my religion class in high school to Hare Krishna in Stockholm.

Tomorrow we decided on keeping the kids home from Kindergarten. Emunah was so tired today when I picked them up. She started crying when I came.. She has a running nose and is really tired.. so I think it’s better to be home for a day. And there is no meaning letting Efraim go if she is home.. then we have to go to pick him up… and that will make it all harder for her because she gets to see the other kids but she doesn’t get to stay there. Soo.. that means I’ll loose my peaceful morning tomorrow. But of course it’s all worth it. I’m so glad we can actually keep the kids home for one day once in a while when we see that they need it. They are not in the compulsory pre-school yet. We send them to kindergarten to learn new things, play with other kids their age, learn hebrew better, and have fun. If they are too tired to enjoy, there is no meaning to send them.