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181 Planning on a weekend

December 7, 2008

The kids are feeling better here.. finally!!

And now we are planning on a short trip without kids.. the first time ever since our oldest was born – and he is four and a half!! Well the reason we are going is not to go somewhere without kids.. it’s somebody’s birthday we’re going for.. and the place we’re going to is not suitable for kids.  So they’re staying with my parents. But we are sure gonna enjoy this!! It’s not gonna be fancy. We’re going there by bus.. and we’re looking for the cheapest bed & breakfast we can find. But I tell you – this is huge for us!! Just to be away.. together.. without the kids.. for a weekend! 


¤ 65 What a girl should know…

September 4, 2008

How can we teach our little (almost)3 year old girl that it’s not ok that other kids.. or people at all.. are touching her if she doesn’t want them to? There’s a boy at kindergarten.. all the time coming really close – all the time touching her. And she is very uncomfortable with it. It started already last year when we came to pick up Efraim in the afternoon.. this boy coming up to her.. looking at her, getting really close, touching her belly, her throat, her face. He probably doesn’t mean anything bad with it.. maybe he is doing it with all girls. I don’t know. I guess he only wants attention. But we have to teach our little girl that this is not ok. She has to say no… that she should never accept that kind of behavior. But it’s not so easy for her.. not yet three years old – hardly speaking hebrew. It’s hard for her to say no.. it’s hard for her to tell the teachers how she’s feeling. Instead she comes to me later – when we are already home.

It maybe sounds very innocent and irrellevant. They are only kids. But how the heck can she learn that it’s not ok for boys to touch her – if it’s ok now?? And I think it’s important for the boy to learn now also…

What do you think? Are we over reacting? I don’t think so,, I really think it is a big deal. This is bothering her. (and me) I think this is one of the most important things for a girl to learn – to be prepared for the future.. to be prepared for the big bad world and all the big bad boys.