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259 So now we know what it’s like

October 7, 2009

So.. here we are.. almost 8 weeks done of the pregnancy. And now I know what the morning sickness is like this time. I had a very hard time for a week around the 6th-7th week. Constantly nauseaus and exhausted. It didn’t exactly help that I from one day to another had to stop drinking coffee. I can’t stand even the smell anymore. I had the same problem in my last pregnancy.

Now.. as long as I sleep enough – which means 8-10 hours a night.. and can take a nap daytime + keep eating all the time – I’m feeling quite ok. Though if I don’t sleep enough and don’t eat all the time I’m sick sick sick.

The problem with the constant eating is that I’ll probably gain a lot more weight this time than with the girls. With them I gained only the weight from the pregnancy itself. I was back to myself the same day they were born.
I’m also craving “bad things” this time.. like hamburgers, pizza, fried food, candy etc. Hubby says I’m craving manly food – so it’s probably a boy this time.. And he is right that this pregnancy is more like the one I had with our son than the ones with the girls. So maybe we really do have a boy this time… we’ll see.

Now I just can’t wait until we’re done with the first trimester. I’m so sick of being sick all the time.


¤ 109 The Best Kind of Fridays

October 10, 2008

I love those Fridays when the weather is nice.. not too hot – not too cold – no rain. Then I just send hubby out to the playground with the kids in the afternoon..

And I have the entire afternoon alone at home for cleaning and cooking and preparing for shabat. No kids to stumble upon.. no screaming, no begging, no small fingers to keep away from the stove, no stolen oven mittens, no fighting in the kids’ room, no small (or big) feet making new footprints where I just cleaned, no kid that badly needs to pee when I just got started cleaning the toilet, no baby freaked out by the vacuum cleaner, no comments on every single move I make, no questions about how and when and what and why, no hubby trying to hug me when I’m in the most tricky part of the recipe, no baby sitting under the table eating dry macaroni and nasty bread crumbs (and crayons and small suspicious pieces of plastic).

I love to hear the voices in my head again!!

Don’t take me wrong.. I love my family! But it’s just SO nice to have one afternoon alone.. to be able to do all these things without “help”. And there is SO much more energy left when the evening comes..