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253 Happy Birthday

June 28, 2009

E is tomorrow celebrating his 5th birthday at kindergarten… His real birthday is only in like a month. But since the summer vacation starts on Wednesday they celebrate him tomorrow.

Here is the cake I made for him to bring to kindergarten to share with his friends.
He asked for a cake with fishes on. He didn’t see this yet – he’s sleeping. But I hope he’s gonna like it.


¤24 I found some books…

July 21, 2008

Googleing on books is not healthy… I found two books that I just have to buy some time… but since there are higher priorities.. I guess I’ll have to wait.

Here you go..

Maybe theese could help me to become more then a happy amateur…

There are probably tons of other books that are just as good.. I just happened to find theese, and I’m so gonna have them some time.