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181 Planning on a weekend

December 7, 2008

The kids are feeling better here.. finally!!

And now we are planning on a short trip without kids.. the first time ever since our oldest was born – and he is four and a half!! Well the reason we are going is not to go somewhere without kids.. it’s somebody’s birthday we’re going for.. and the place we’re going to is not suitable for kids.  So they’re staying with my parents. But we are sure gonna enjoy this!! It’s not gonna be fancy. We’re going there by bus.. and we’re looking for the cheapest bed & breakfast we can find. But I tell you – this is huge for us!! Just to be away.. together.. without the kids.. for a weekend! 


¤ 36 Why should the unhealthy people have all the good prices

August 8, 2008

I picked up the paper with all the sales and special prices from supermarket a couple of days ago. I always go through that in the beginning of the month to be able to plan the shopping as cheap as possible. Though that’s not so easy. 95% of the sales is on stupid junc food that I hardly buy anyway.. chips, crackers.. another kind of chips, chips again, chocolate, gum, sweet cereals, sweet yoghurts, sausage, kebab, dinosaur schnitzels, pizza, beer, soft drinks etc. That’s not food!! And hey! If you buy a tiny little very expensive Ajax bathroom cleaning stuff-thing(very aware I didn’t find the right word here), you get a bucket for free!! (If you buy same thing but not ajax you can get four times more + pay for a bucket, and still get it all cheaper)

  And if there would be some real food for a change – it’s on something that you anyway can get cheaper if you’re just willing to buy from a local trademark instead of the big famous international expensive one.

Why should the unhealthy people have all the good prices??

So.. the message to the poor people is clear: Eat junc food. That will make you die earlier – and that’s the best solution to your economical problems.

Yeay. Point taken!