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¤ 25 USB port problems, bulldozer attack and blood count

July 22, 2008

We’re having USB port problems.. so now I can’t copy the pictures from the camera to the computer.. *gaaah* And it’s just such a bad timing since our private computer expert(read: daddy) left the country this morning, and will come back only in way to many weeks to wait to get those pictures out from the camera. 

And then there was another bulldozer attack in Jerusalem.. you can read about it in my husbands blog.. or even better – any israeli newspaper…

i just realized that I have to leave the house at 7.10 tomorrow morning.. the baby has to do a blood count.. just a general routine test. But still – we should be there at 7.30 – which is usually my breakfast time.  btw.. it is almost midnight here. I should go.

good night