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246 Free, but not sure whether I’m back or not

May 27, 2009

I said I was going to be back and free.. And free – yes I am. But back… naa. not really. Doesn’t seem like, does it?

This week we had a few haircuts.. Two of the kids + hubby. It feels good. It saves us a lot of money that I do them myself. I also got the sewing machine out and started going through what we call the “fix pile”, making kids’ clothes etc. At the moment they aren’t much in need of clothes so I try do make for the winter instead. If I am not busy – I make myself busy. That’s just the way I am. I’m too creative to just sit on my butt. 🙂

Tomorrow we start with holidays again, this time Shavuot. The kids had a shavuot party yesterday at kindergarten, and tomorrow the vacation starts. Three days!  E was so happy yesterday when he realized that we will all be home for three days – including daddy…

…which is good. The “baby” keeps calling his name like a 600 times a day.. from 5 in the morning until 8 in the evening + one hour in the middle of the night. How can I get this child to SLEEP?? instead of shouting “Aaba!” all the time? Seriously.. 1,5 year-olds are supposed to sleep more than that. Aren’t they? Well lucky her that she is too cute to be upset at. 🙂 The fact that she’s obsessed with daddy isn’t a problem. The other two had a similar period at around the same age. And to be honest I like that they climb on him instead of on me when he is home. I see them all the time – he doesn’t. He needs to be with them and I need to feel I can do things without the kids once in a while.

Ok.. let’s finish this post with posting a picture of the pants I made for the baby a couple of days ago. I love this fabric. I think it’s funny.


223 I’ll be back, and I’ll be free

March 26, 2009

Dude and I decided already months ago, that by the time I finish this semester – I’m gonna take a break from my studies.. For a year – or two, or a few years, or many years, or forever… We don’t know.

It makes me feel so bad when I see the laundry piles growing, the house getting dirtier.. the half painted kitchen.. things that I wanted to do with the kids for so long now – but I don’t have time. Lack of energy.. bad sleep.. I just can’t take it any more. This is not how we want it to be.
Dude is very busy too with work and studies and he is the one who is doing what he really wants to do.. he is the one our income is depending on.. He is the one who actually has to continue with what he is doing.. continue being freakishly busy for the next few years.

I want to cook, bake, keep the house clean and tidy, and still have time to be in the playground with the kids – still have time to do handcraft with them in the afternoon after kindergarten. I don’t want to put our son to sleep early – not because he needs to sleep early – but because we need to study early.

I don’t want to skip the vacuumcleanining today and think I’ll do it some other day instead – just because I have no time to do it. I don’t want to postpone cleaning the frigde until the food is walking out by itself.

So there you go.. I’m going back to be “only” wife and mother.. taking care of our family, our house… everything. I know I’m gonna love it!! That’s how I really want it to be!!

I can’t say we aren’t happy now.. Because we are.. We are the happiest family in the entire world!! But no matter how happy we are it can always get even better!!

I told our four-year-old today.. that “When summer comes mommy will not study anymore.” I tell you.. the kid was almost dancing… He is only four – but he understands that mommy is gonna be happier and funnier that way… 🙂

Only another two months to go with school first.. And then I’ll be free!! – for as long as we feel that’s the right thing.


¤ 108 Back to the drawing board

October 9, 2008

After some feed back from my teacher I’m back to the drawing board.. I’ll have to find something new for my essay. No hard feelings. I’m glad he is telling me this now – before I even got started.


¤ 46 No more fighting here

August 19, 2008

Yeay! Soon no more fighting about computers in this house.. (not that we “fighted” earlier either…) Today we ordered a laptop.. it will be delivered in a couple of weeks. My history course is starting in another week.. The new computer is really going to help.. Then hubby and I can study at the same time and not have to wait for eachother to finish all the time. That will hopefully give us more time together too!

Today we had a lot to do.. went to the post office, bank, interior ministry etc. We also had appointments for all three kids at the eye doctor.. Thank God – they are all seeing perfectly!

The afternoon I spent uploading pictures at facebook.=)

This is by the way the end of hubby’s vacation. Tomorrow he is back at work. I’m so thankful for theese days we had – recharging the batteries.. we really needed that!

My RSS is looking terrible.. too many blogs to read – and since hubby is going to use the computer for studying the whole evening I’ll not be able to catch up tonight either.. Happy this problem will soon be solved.. =)

Uhm.. I should get started with preparing the dinner now.