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192 Got the key, new routine – and miserable girl

January 14, 2009

Yes! We’ve got the key!! There are alltogether 2 keys for 6 apartments. So tomorrow I’ll go with the kids and try to make four copys of the key. If nobody is making something happen.. we have to. Dude checked the shelter too.. He said it was ok but quite dirty. It was cleaned last time a year ago. I’ll go to check it later and maybe some day if I have some time left over I’ll go and clean it out a little.

I guess you’ve already read in dude’s blog about the traffic jams.. Well this has changed the life for me too.

Nowadays dude is going up at 5 already and is going early to work. That means I have to go up in the morning and prepare the kids for kindergarten and bring them there.. So now I have to go up at six.. before I could stay in bed until around 7.15 or 7.30. That is quite a difference.. Also the difference is getting bigger since our four year old wakes up from dude at five – and is spending the rest of the morning trying to wake me and the girls up and get us out from bed. Guess if I’m tired???

On the other hand my husband is coming home two hours earlier in the afternoon and gets to see the kids a little and put them to sleep. But still I’m not really sure I like this new routine.. I’d prefer how it was before the war.

cryinggirl1Our three-year-old is in a very sensitive age/period now. She’s crying every day when we leave her at kindergarten.. begging to stay home instead.. or begging me not to leave. She asks if I can pick them up early – which I sometimes do.. and sometimes don’t. When I ask her why she doesn’t want to be at kindergarten she answers either “Because I’m tired”, or “Because I love you mommy.”  At least she stops crying after I leave and when I pick them up she is usually happy playing. The last weeks – after Hanukkah – we kept them home both Tuesdays and Thursday. Our regular scheedule is staying home Thursdays only. But she needed one extra day to rest these last few weeks. This last Monday night she slept 14 hours. I hope she’ll soon get the energy back again and be happier. Today she caught a cold too – and that does not exactly make the situation better. When she has a cold she is waking up several times every night just crying because she doesn’t feel good.. and the crying makes it worse so then she cries even more. Yep. We have something to look forward to – not.


183 The weekend

December 16, 2008

We had a wonderful weekend in Haifa.. celebrating hubby’s grandfathers 95th(!!!) birthday. The kids were home with my parents and had a good time too.

It’s interesting to go somewhere without kids.. it feels like something is missing. And now and then you panic.. until you remember that the kids are home with safta. Every time you meet kids about the same size as your kids – you think about them.. and miss them.. even though it’s sooo great to be away for a while.. so nice to not have to bring two giant suitcases for only two days.. to sit in the bus and relax – witout bouncing toddlers on the lap.. to be able to take a long walk – knowing that nobody is going to complain that it’s too far.. to sleep a long night – without waking up at 4,30 in the night – from somebody shouting “fääääääärdig!!” from the bathroom.. To stay in a hotel – that didn’t happen since the wedding night.. almost six years ago.. This wasn’t a fancy hotel.. but for us it was fancy. Everything that is not at home – and some privacy.. is fancy to us!!
To get up, get dressed, eating breakfast – concentrating on what YOU want on YOUR sandwich..

But also of course.. it’s nice to get home.. to sneek in to the kids’ rooms – watch them when they are sleeping.. to wake up the next morning from “fäääääärdig” and see that everything is like it has always been.. that nothing changed, and how extremely cute they are.. To see how happy they are that you are back home again.. hearing the stories of what they’ve been up to with the grandparents.
To come back home with new energy, and know even more to appreciate theese little cuties.

Oboy.. we have to do this again some time.. and then two nights please.. One night was good.. two nights would be just perfect! Next time Eilat…


173 The need of alarm clocks

November 23, 2008

For a very long time we had no need of alarm clocks… We kind of have three kids who are coming in the morning.. bouncing on us if we don’t get up. But believe it or not – they finally got the point. They stopped waking us up in the morning. They can now handle going to the toilet alone – without our help.  E can’t reach the light switch.. but she does have a brother who is happy to help her. And also.. most mornings they start playing without fighting (!!!) Can you believe that?? The baby can’t get up from her crib all by herself, and she usually doesn’t want to go up too early either.
I really hope this is not temporary.. because it’s great!!

Now for a couple of days we woke up almost a little too late. So from now on we’ve got to trust the alarm clocks instead of the kids. Hey they are really getting big.. our babies.


172 Focusing on the future..

November 21, 2008

So what’s going on here…

Let’s just say that …

How come the days keep beeing so short.. ? A new day just starts – and then it’s suddenly night and time to go to sleep.

What is really going on here.. is that both dude and I have freekishly much to do. Let’s just say we realized that we can’t continue living the way we do now. We don’t see eachother much.. and when we see eachother we see the top of the forehead – the part that is sticking up above the book when studying. Some days we decide that we have time to eat dinner together for half an hour – even though we know we really don’t have that time. Other days we eat separately while studying. Sad.. I know. But that’s the truth. We don’t like the situation. We want to spend time together. And we take every opportunity possible to do so. We are gonna try to cut down a little bit to get more time together.. and more time to rest. Next semester dude is gonna take one course less than he does now. And we hope that will help.

We’re gonna make this.. there is really not much we can do at the moment – except for focusing on the light in the end of the tunnel. It’s gonna be better in the future. Already by next semester it’s gonna be a little bit less. We’re not gonna put ourself in this situation again. …it isn’t that fun you know..

 We’ll have the summer off from studies. And we do have shabat – an entire day only for the family.. and Friday evening off from studying. In a few years we will not have to study at all. And we are looking forward to those less busy days. We know they will come – and that keeps us going. 

I don’t write this post to complain. There’s nothing to complain about. I have the most amazing family a woman can have.. A husband that gives 100 % for his family. He’s working hard, studying hard, sleeping very little.. but still he gives all his spare time(if there is any at all) for us. He spends time with the kids – and he takes time with me.. time that he really doesn’t have. We are blessed with the most adorable kids… They are really a gift, and we love them so much.

Don’t feel sorry for us.. there is nothing to be sorry about. We aren’t sorry!! I write this post to explain… to explain why we aren’t here so much.. here in the blogosphere. I’ve got to admit.. that when I do have the time to write – I don’t even know what to write about.. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to find the energy to express what is within me.. what I want to say. I’m not even sure I want to say anything. There are other things that are more important. Sure.. I could come up with jokes, funny pictures, or odd news. I could get myself the time for that while eating breakfast or when I need a break to wake up when some heavy book is making me sleepy. But why – why would I do that? I don’t blog to produce posts. I blog because I want to do it.. and when I don’t want – I don’t do it.

I’m gonna hit the shower now.. and go to sleep.. and somewhere on the way I’m gonna try to get dude to join me going to sleep early.


162 The small moments..

November 8, 2008

The last few days have been busy.. I guess this is how it’s going to be. No spare time.. but on the other hand no time to get bored.

Yesterday I ended up in Jerusalem for a couple of hours. Something I needed to do at the bank kind of didn’t work so I had to go.. so I took the first bus possible. I really didn’t have time for it.. but I didn’t have any choice either. And since I don’t leave MA (30-35000 inhabitants) a lot – I decided to enjoy the trip and have fun instead of thinking about the time I was loosing. So I went.. solved the problem, and went to our temporarily adopted sister for some coffee.. and had a good time. By the time I got back to MA it was already time to go straight from the bus to Kindergarten and pick up E.. The other E was home sick with dude.

Then.. we had a wonderful sabbath.. with rest.. praise God who invented that day!! Badly needed..

Now.. a new week. It’s time to get started with the new week.. with a lot to study and other stuff to do.. Life is busy. And we are looking out for the small moments.. some time now and then to rest.. be together.. sleep. Sure we are busy and we don’t have much time. But nothing can take away from us what we have. We are happy… happy to have eachother – and thankful for our adorable kids. We never stop laughing together.. that’s actually how we usually fall asleep.. humor is never better than after midnight. 😉 And the kids.. they are just so cute.. and make us happy. They might drive us crazy once in a while.. but they also make us smile.. they are truly a gift.. and we love them so much.

What we have together, as a family, is what makes life worth living.



159 Sleep?

November 4, 2008

Sleeping… is something we don’t do enough in this house. The kids do.. They go to sleep early. We don’t.. we stay up until late (at least midnight.. usually we don’t fall asleep until around 1.00 am) And then – around 5.30-6 the kids wake us up.. We try to keep them in bed until 6.. which is when the day starts. (though I stay in bed half-sleeping until around 7)

I’m exhausted.. I’m so tired that I can’t sit down for a long time without falling asleep. I try to read something.. and after like half a page it’s just blur. Around lunchtime is the worse.. the food make me all dizzy.. And in the evening I have a hard time forcing myself to be serious – because I’m tired. On the other hand.. look at me!! I’ve felt like this now for years already.. And I’m still alive.. I’m still pretty healthy.. and I have some sense of humor..  quite amazing!

Only my brain is getting a bit messed up.. I’m loosing my short term memory.. forgetting to drink my coffee, going to the kitchen to get something – and by the time I get there I can’t remember what I came for.

We’ve said so many times that we need to go to sleep early.. that we need to sleep more every night. But you know.. that’s easy to say – and harder to do. We both stay up late to study.. Maybe dude has more than I have. But then we have the problem that I can’t fall asleep until he is going to sleep. No matter how hard I try I can’t fall asleep.. because I’m kind of waiting. If he isn’t home(very unusual) or if I know that he has to stay up the entire night(very unusual too) I can fall asleep.. because then I’m not expecting him to come.

I realize it’s a bad circle.. I just don’t find the solution for it. We’ve tried for so long to get more sleep.. but it didn’t work. Why can’t there just be like 5 hours more every day (or night)?? That would make it easier.

Now is around ten in the evening.. And now I’m going to read a book about the Weimar Culture by Peter Gay. That SHOULD make me sleepy. (which in some way is good and some way not.. since that’s what I’m supposed to study) Studying in bed is the best sleeping pill one can have!

Btw. I have to check a list of things that happen with the body and the brain due to lack of sleep.. Maybe half of my personality hides in there.. you never know.