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258 Weird preggo dreams

September 29, 2009

When I’m pregnant I always get all these strange dreams.. they are mainly of two different kinds.

The first kind, the ones I have the most – throughout the whole pregnancy – is those about hubby – where he does things he didn’t think through, or just simply bad things.. or I dream about us having a fight.. and then I wake up all furious and can’t even look at him.. sometimes the “feeling” stays for hours – even though I know that he didn’t do anything.

The “funny” thing is that we never ever fight.. I mean this should be normal if that’s how I many times feel about him. But the truth is I don’t. We never fight.. it’s been at least two years since the last time.. probably more. ¬†He almost never disappoints me.. So why do I keep dreaming these wierdo dreams when I’m pregnant??

The second kind of dreams is when I dream about the sex of the baby even before I know it. I don’t remember having any specific dreams from when I was pregnant with our first child.. but from the second pregnancy I do. I dreamt that I was in the hospital and gave birth to a girl. And then when they put her in that transparent plastic box where the babies sleep in the hospital – they where out of pink cards for girls. So they had to take a blue boys-card and write girl on it. To me it was a disaster!! This is funny since I really don’t care about girls- vs boys-colors.
When she was born – she was a girl – and they were NOT out of pink cards. ūüôā

Even before I was pregnant with our third child I had a dream that I would have two girls who looked more or less the same Рonly different ages Рplus the little one was blonde.. and now I mean really white hair.

And what happened.. we had another girl Рand she is all blonde. My dream came true.

So.. anybody else with weirdo pregnancy dreams?? Tell me your story!!


217 Dude’s birthday

March 17, 2009

Today we celebrated dude’s birthday..¬†

The kids and I got up early to prepare everything… The kids had made him marzipan candy in different colors.. and he also got some candybars that the kids wrapped all by themselves.. I thought it would be a good idea letting them give him candy as birthday present.. because they can actually understand how much he appreciates it in a whole other way than if they would give him something “boring”. And I’ve got to say it worked out very well.. the kids were excited, and so was dude.

Well.. I guess dude is describing¬†every single moment of this day in¬†his blog so maybe I shouln’t make¬†any effort..

We had a nice and fun day… ate way to much unhealthy stuff.. but hey – it’s his birthday only once a year.

And now a picture of the happy birthday boy!! And everything he is wearing/holding on this picture are birthday presents..


And a picture of the very very very old couple… 54 years old.¬†


216 Birthday preparations !!

March 15, 2009

The kids and I spent the afternoon preparing for dude’s birthday – that is tomorrow!! It is so much fun nowadays to prepare for birthdays – now that the kids are big enough to know what it’s all about. They just love to help with the preparations..
I’m so sorry I can’t say anything more than that we wrapped presents.. Since dude is reading my blog I can’t tell any details..

But.. we had fun. ūüôā

Tomorrow dude will be home from work and the kids will be home from kindergarten.. and we are gonna make a small family party for dude.. It’s gonna be only us 5… because all parents and siblings are in Sweden at the moment..
But hey.. we’ll have fun anyway..

I will have to make you disappointed.. there is not gonna be any fancy cake this time… to much pressure at the moment – and I refuse to bake fancy cakes under such circumstances.. We’ll have something else instead that dude loves – and he knows that’s gonna be instead of cake. ūüôā


215 The one with the coffee house

March 14, 2009

Believe it or not.. 
Our boy was all healthy and bouncing this morning.. so we actually did send him to kindergarten..

And we could finally go to have our coffee!!!!!

The baby (well.. soon 17 months..) was with us..¬†She is such an easy baby when it comes to these things.. She was just¬†sitting proudly on a real chair – drinking from her bottle.. flirting a little with some other baby .. and that’s it.. So cute ūüôā



209 Blackout

February 27, 2009

Today we did a new try on going to the coffeehouse – which we planned to do last week – when Dude at the end had to work instead. But today we went. The weather was a little bit unstable.. raining and windy.. But we decided to not postpone it for another week. We aren’t going out like that a lot.. We would like to do it more but are usually too busy with kids, work, studies etc.

But then boooooom!¬†Lightning struck… just when we were in the line to order our coffee and salmon sandwich. And some main transformer for Ma’ale Adumim broke.. so we ended up having a blackout¬†for 6,5 hours. So no coffee… We had nothing to do but going home again. New try next week..

With a bunch of candles, gas stove, and the kids playing with flashlights.. we ended up having quite a nice – and different afternoon. The kids get more involved with how to make guaccamole if you make it on the table with candles next to you in order to see what you are doing. It’s somehow more interesting that way.

The weather report predicts scattered showers and thunderstorms for three days now.. yeay!!

E (the boy) is starting to show interest for the piano.. We are thinking of starting to teach him some.. My husband will teach him some theory and I will teach him to improvise and play some easy songs.. I think we’ll start with twinkle twinkle little star or something.


183 The weekend

December 16, 2008

We had a wonderful weekend in Haifa.. celebrating hubby’s grandfathers 95th(!!!) birthday. The kids were home with my parents and had a good time too.

It’s interesting to go somewhere without kids.. it feels like something is missing. And now and then you panic.. until you remember that the kids are home with safta. Every time you meet kids about the same size as your kids – you think about them.. and miss them.. even though it’s sooo great to be away for a while.. so nice to not have to bring two giant suitcases for only two days.. to sit in the bus and relax –¬†witout bouncing toddlers on the lap.. to be able to take a long walk – knowing that nobody is going to complain that it’s too far.. to sleep a long night¬†– without waking up at 4,30 in the night – from somebody shouting “f√§√§√§√§√§√§√§rdig!!” from the bathroom.. To stay in a hotel – that didn’t happen since the wedding night..¬†almost six years ago.. This wasn’t a fancy hotel.. but for us it was fancy. Everything that is not at home – and some privacy.. is fancy to us!!
To get up, get dressed, eating breakfast – concentrating on what YOU want on YOUR sandwich..

But also of course.. it’s nice to get home.. to sneek in to the kids’ rooms – watch them when they are sleeping.. to wake up the next morning from “f√§√§√§√§√§√§rdig” and see that everything is like it has always been.. that nothing changed, and how extremely cute they are.. To see how happy they are that you are back home again.. hearing the stories of what they’ve been up to with the grandparents.
To come back home with new energy, and know even more to appreciate theese little cuties.

Oboy.. we have to do this again some time.. and then two nights please.. One night was good.. two nights would be just perfect! Next time Eilat…


181 Planning on a weekend

December 7, 2008

The kids are feeling better here.. finally!!

And now we are planning on a short trip without kids.. the first time ever¬†since our oldest was born – and he is four and a half!! Well the reason we are going is not to go somewhere without kids.. it’s somebody’s birthday we’re going for.. and the place we’re going to is not suitable for kids.¬† So they’re¬†staying with my parents. But we are sure¬†gonna enjoy this!! It’s not gonna be fancy. We’re going there by bus.. and we’re looking for the cheapest bed & breakfast we can find. But I tell you – this is huge for us!!¬†Just to be away.. together.. without the kids.. for a weekend!¬†