240 What is the difference between having two kids and having three?

April 26, 2009

When we had only two kids – I used to have a lot of sparetime.. well not in a positive way. I was bored. I was home with them.. I had nobody to talk with.. hang out with.. and big surprise.. you can’t have serious talks with toddlers and babies.

I was happy when we had the third one.. I thought “well now I’m gonna be more busy”. Great! And hey that was true. Since our third child was born I have been busy all the time. Being bored.. there is no such thing!! I don’t get how one more baby can make such a big difference in the situation. For me that difference was very welcome..
Maybe it is not only having three instead of two kids that make the difference.. but also that the two older ones are really getting older. I communicate with them on another level now. Where they are – there are always things going on. They always have interesting questions.. want help with things etc. I guess that might become even more and more interesting as they get older.

At May 21st I’ll finish my studies.. and after that I’ll be a full time stay home mother for a while. Well I have stayed home until now too. But without the pressure from the studies I’ll be able to enjoy beeing with the kids more, and have more energy left for the family. I think that’s gonna be great. Being home with three kids is a full time job…

Hmm. btw I have no idea what I wanted to say with this post.



  1. My mom used to say that two kids was easy, three was like having half a dozen. Then maybe it was just the three she had. I keep thinking I want a third some day, soon. BTW I think it was a good post.

  2. oh so it’s not only me thinking there is a huge difference between two and three. It’s when you realize you don’t have enough hands to hold all of them at the same time 😉

    I hope the difference between three and four is smaller.. because we want a fourth soon. 🙂 We are hoping on having a baby by next spring.

  3. I think it’s the different age levels. When your older two were younger, you couldn’t really “talk” to them and now you have all their “older” things PLUS a new baby.

    Sometimes posts that don’t seem to be going anywhere turn out to be good ones.

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