239 Homeschooling… what I think.

April 25, 2009

First of all, I’m happy and thankful for all the responses I got on my last post on homeschooling. 🙂

I would maybe have concidered homeschooling myself, if the circumstances were different…

Now… hubby and I both grew up in Sweden. Hubby moved to Israel at the age of 13. I moved here when I was 21. We want our kids to be Israelis, not Swedes living in a cute little Swedish bubble in Israel. There are enough of those in Israel – well not Swedes.. but people living like if they were still living somewhere else. Well I have to admit our home is still quite Swedish and will remain so.. and that’s why we feel that our kids need to learn the social code, the culture, the language etc. somewhere else (read: in school).

But – We don’t think school is enough and we don’t want that to be their only source of influences. Our kids need to learn reading and writing Swedish in order to be able to communicate with relatives. We want them to become comfortable with reading and writing in their mother tongue.. hubby wants to teach them the Swedish history. They will learn Hebrew in school.. and they will get to learn Swedish at home. We also want to teach them English – since we don’t think the English they will learn in school is enough. We like the idea of teaching the kids things that other kids don’t know.. a bigger perspective. We want them to know more about the world – and not only about the spot where they happen to grow up.

I’m thinking more of using the concept of homeschooling for completing where we don’t think that school can do enough for our kids. That’s why I think that pedagogic ideas and experiences from real homeschoolers can help me.
I’m sure for some of you out there homeschooling is the perfect solution. For us it isn’t – but we will use the parts of it that are perfect for our situation.

Thanks again for all the responses and all the useful links!



  1. I guess if it can work for you it’s fine but I worried about the kids not getting any social education. They need to learn how to get along in the world and if they’re only with you, I feel it makes it that much harder for them to “fit in” when it’s time for them to leave the nest. I do feel for some kids it’s a great idea.

  2. I think homeschooling all day every day would be really hard. I know I don’t have the patience. But I think you could do a combination. My mom did. During the summers, my mom got workbooks to keep us kids from losing any skills over the long break. My mom actually taught me algebra during one summer because she felt my teacher didn’t do it well. I think it’s great that you and your husband want to teach your kids so many things. Your kids are going to be smart and well rounded.

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