238 Those genes…

April 24, 2009

Dude doesn’t need to sleep much.. He keeps sleeping 1-2 hours less than me every night – and of course he is tired – but so am I. He would love to sleep more than he does.. but he can sleep 5 hours/night without falling into pieces… In busy times – this is actually good. Hey.. we can sleep when we get older – right?

Though the problem is – that this low need of sleep-gene seems to pop up in our kids too.. which is less good when they are still very young. Our 4-year-old is sleeping 9-10 hours/night.. which is really not much for his age. Now seems like the “baby” has the same thing going on. Since a few weeks she refuses to take a nap some days.. so it’s more or less every second day that she is not napping. Isn’t that very early for a 18-months-old kid?

well.. at least I can blame dude for those habits.. and make him go up when the kids wake up in the night – because he needs less sleep.. and it’s “his fault” that the kids don’t need to sleep.



  1. Oh, no. You know how much I love those naptimes. When the boys try to refuse a nap, I call it rest time. They have to rest in their beds for two hours, with or without books or toys. Good luck.

  2. Yes.. I also let her rest in her bed for a couple of hours even if she doesn’t sleep. Except for saturdays when we are at the congregation at naptime. With the two older ones we gave up naptime at the age of 2,5.
    If I have to choose between naptime and 11 hour-nights – I prefer 11-hour-nights. I still call it 11-hour-nights even though the boy doesn’t sleep 11 hours. At least he spends 11 hours in his room every night.

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