234 Naptime

April 19, 2009

Naptime is nowadays a competition in this house..

I’m trying to get our 1,5 year-old to stay in bed, and keep the clothes on – and fall asleep. She is trying to as fast as possible undress.. and then say “mamma mamma” until I come back to dress her… After a couple of hours of trying to convience her to go to sleep – mommy gives up and takes her up again..

….and then the 1,5 year-old fall asleep on the floor or in the stroller around 2 hours before evening bedtime … and then mommy and daddy can’t get her to sleep in the evening instead.. and we are having happy hour until late..

Mommy is also trying to find new solutions – some kind of clothes that she can’t open and take off.. no luck this far.



  1. I know the feeling. As it is, my little walked out of not taking his nap, but he got up super early and took a half hour nap before lunch. This is going to a bad evening.

  2. yes.. I know that feeling too.. It is getting easier with the routines when they get older and don’t need a nap.

    with our little one the main problem is actually that she keeps taking all her clothes off. It is still too cold in her room to sleep naked plus who knows how long time it takes until she discovers she can take off the diaper too. 😦

  3. What about duct tape?

  4. Court – welcome to my blog!
    🙂 yes.. or getting her overalls with buttons in the back.. though I think I would have to make them myself…
    I had to picture google duct tape to see all crazy things people use it for.. and that was a lot, including taping people up on the wall. uuhm. =)

  5. Yeah, the diaper isn’t far behind is it. I have to keep the youngest one in pants or shorts or he’ll take off his diaper. She must be so smart. Duct tape isn’t that bad of an idea. Or maybe something with a lot of buttons. Hmm.

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