229 Passover

April 10, 2009

We had a wonderful Leil haSeder..
We had five guests over, and had a wonderful mix of Hebrew, Swedish, Danish and Faroese … 🙂 Well I have to admit we used English for translation once in a while too..

The kids enjoyed it so much to.. all exited.. They have been waiting for weeks. They usually go to sleep early.. but at Leil haSeder they all three were awake until 10.30 in the evening.

Our three year old sang Ma Nishtana.. and she did it soo good! The fact that the room was filled with guests she didn’t even know didn’t bother her. I’m so proud!! I wish I could show you the video – but I don’t want to. It is available on facebook for those who know my name there..

Our seder plate


The best is.. I’m not used to cooking for ten people and I had no idea how much food to make. So of course I made waaaaay too much food and we have leftovers for the entire weekend. I didn’t have to cook today at all. How wonderful!! Usually I spend all Friday afternoon cooking.

Anyway.. nothing more to tell at the moment.
Over and out!



  1. I enjoyed that video on FB very much. What a little doll she is and what a great job she did. Even though I didn’t understand it, I could see her pride. Well done, good job. I’m glad it all turned out well.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed.. so did we. 🙂 It is a tradition that the youngest capable child is supposed to sing this song.

  3. That looks delicious. I know I always over-cooked. I’m terrified to run out of something.

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