225 Passover mood

March 29, 2009

Now we are really getting into passover mood here. The kids are singing passover songs, asking about this and that.. happy and exited.. They remember a little from passover last year – but not that much.

This year we are gonna have guests.. we’re gonna be altogether either 10 or 12 people.. and five of the guests are going to stay over.
I’m making long lists of what we need to buy, and for the cooking.. what to do and how many days ahead I can do them. Because to do everything at the same day would be impossible. I’m also thinking of handcrafts for the kids to do, and picnics … hey they are supposed to have fun when they are off from kindergarten.
Pretty exciting though.. Holiday preparations are nice … if you have enough time for everything.. which I don’t have.. but still..  🙂

Tomorrow is the last day at kindergarten for the kids – before the 2,5 weeks long Passover vacation. So from Tuesday they will be home “helping” me..

Today I started baking the first passover cookies.. to fill the freezer up. And after picking up the kids at kindergarten we went to buy more potatoflour and coconut. Our four-year-old managed to tell the entire story about the plagues of Egypt, Moses on mt Sinai, and biur chametz etc. to the cashier in ONE minute!!



  1. Well at least you will have the kids home to “help you.” I hope it all goes well for you.

  2. Yes.. I think it’s gonna be nice.. Even though I have a lot to do I tend to miss them when they are at kindergarten. And they miss being home. So we’ll have fun.. and enjoy the spring – which we hope is coming soon. We had a late winter and now we are having a late spring too.

  3. In one minute? I’m impressed!

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