224 No more pacifiers..

March 28, 2009

Our house is now officially free from pacifiers! Our 17 monhts old girl quit about a week ago and she seems to be fine without. The first couple of days she kept looking for it, and asking for it… but no tears – no problems falling asleep. And now she doesn’t ask for it any longer. I was a bit worried that we would have a problem today – since some other kids at our congregation have pacifiers. But she really didn’t care at all. She is totally over it! Yeay!!

For us 17 months has been proved as a very good age for quitting to use pacifiers… We really never had problems with it… No tears or hard feelings… unlike stories I’ve heard about other, older kids, who really had a hard time getting used to life without pacifiers..
17 months is the age when you can easily pretend that you can’t find the pacifier.. and they will get that you don’t find it. But they still don’t understand that you were the one who hid it.. and they don’t understand you can go to the super to buy a new… and they get over it very fast. Perfect!!

Got the idea to write about this at Joy’s Pacifier Patch


One comment

  1. I’m so glad it was easy for you. Neither one of my kids would take one and I guess that was a good thing. My youngest did suck his thumb though. He’s now 29 and hasn’t sucked it for a while!! LOL!

    I just thought that cartoon was cute. I didn’t think it would get the response it’s getting. Funny how you think you have a good one and nobody really says anything and then you are just kind of filling a spot and it’s get a lot of action.

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