221 Time flies like an arrow..

March 25, 2009

…fruit flies like banana..

Only two weeks left to finish everything for pesach.. and I didn’t start yet. I don’t know if I will start.. but somehow it’s gonna be ok anyway.. We’ll have a wonderful Erev Pesach with a bunch of guests I don’t even know… That’s how it is every year. And that’s how we like it. It is nice to learn to know new people.. and it is nice to se other peoples first experience of Jewish holidays celebrated in Israel.

Cute three-year-old puppy eyes girl has a bad ear infection – again!!  I don’t know what to do any longer.. It has been coming and going for weeks.. or even months now.. doctor said it doesn’t look pretty.. lots of fluid behind the ear drum. Poor little girl 😦 Now she will be on a ten days treatment.. and then follow up at the doctors’ to see if it helped..

Did I ever say there is no time to get bored.. not in this house..


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