218 What exactly is “passover mood”

March 17, 2009

Dude said to me a few days ago that he was starting to get into passover mood.. We had a very late winter this year.. but now the spring is finally coming..  We are past purim already, and the kids are starting to practicing passover songs at kindergarten..

Dude is already teaching Em to sing Ma nishtana. Well she is not the youngest.. but the youngest can’t really sing yet, so this time Em will do it..
So I guess all these spring feelings, Purim is over- feelings, singing passover songs- feelings are altogether in some way making dude feel he is in passover mood.

So I told him: Excellent! Then come on – help me to get started with the passover cleaning!!.. (that’s the “go over every single inch of the house with a toothbrush”-kind of cleaning)
His response was… well I don’t even remember.. but this was obviously not what he meant with passover mood…

So he gets to sing nice songs with the kids and I get to clean.. ??? nonono.. I wouldn’t think so..

I’m also getting into passover mood.. We’ve got tons of chametz to get out of the house before passover.. And I’m not the kind of person who would throw food away if there are other solutions.. so I’ll just have to plan everything very well from tomorrow.. and slowly finish everything just in time for passover.. but not one day to early either…

Kitchen is still half painted since November (??) …all the sudden I didn’t have time to finish and then the winter came and it’s not really recommended to paint when it’s raining.. duh! So it looks horrible.. The girls room and our bedroom need to be painted to.. this should be done before passover. Essay.. my essay.. oh no again.. well I’ll have to deal with it.. I will.. that’s the most important now.. Oh no.. spring is coming.. all the sudden it is hot outside – and inside.. wash winter blankets, putting them away.. oh no.. now I’m sweating.. oh no.. the kids are sweating.. oh no again. the kids are bigger than last year.. no clothes that fit.. o nonono.. please wait.. stop .. nooooo!! Please passover.. can’t you move a little bit forward.. let’s say end of April.. deal??

So.. passover mood is all about singing Ma nishtana and Dayenu .. right?

And then you get there.. painted walls.. clean house.. Essay (hopefully) done.. and you suddenly get a bigger perspective. He took us out from the slavery in Egypt.. and I… I keep freaking out over this “little” tiny “oh no – passover is getting closer” thingie..

Tomorrow I will sing Ma nishtana with Em



  1. Now instead of editing this I make a comment..
    Of course I don’t mean that dude isn’t helping with all the stuff.. because he is!! He’s the best dude one could have!!

    It’s more about how we think differently…

  2. I loved reading this little part of your real life. It’s cute. I also have liked seeing you on Facebook. You seem more real to me if that makes any sense.

    Men and women don’t even begin to think the same so I know what you meant.

  3. *tipsar om en rolig video om matzah* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olg1efSlvLg

    happy pesach.

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