216 Birthday preparations !!

March 15, 2009

The kids and I spent the afternoon preparing for dude’s birthday – that is tomorrow!! It is so much fun nowadays to prepare for birthdays – now that the kids are big enough to know what it’s all about. They just love to help with the preparations..
I’m so sorry I can’t say anything more than that we wrapped presents.. Since dude is reading my blog I can’t tell any details..

But.. we had fun. 🙂

Tomorrow dude will be home from work and the kids will be home from kindergarten.. and we are gonna make a small family party for dude.. It’s gonna be only us 5… because all parents and siblings are in Sweden at the moment..
But hey.. we’ll have fun anyway..

I will have to make you disappointed.. there is not gonna be any fancy cake this time… to much pressure at the moment – and I refuse to bake fancy cakes under such circumstances.. We’ll have something else instead that dude loves – and he knows that’s gonna be instead of cake. 🙂


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