214 How can it be so hard to get one tiny little cup of coffee with hubby??

March 13, 2009

Dude and I have been trying now for … maybe a couple of months.. to get out.. to go to the coffee house together.. some Friday morning when the kids are at kindergarten. Only dude, me, and the baby – going to the coffee house.. (no we don’t have a babysitter) But it seems impossible!! Every time we try – something gets in our way.

Last serious try was two weeks ago.. the one with the 6 hour blackout.. And last week I had some really urgent errands in town so we couldn’t go. So this Friday then…

Or no.. who’s been crying now for a couple of hours.. ? Who’s got an ear infection and can’t go to kindergarten tomorrow..?? Excellent timing…

I had this brilliant idea of just bringing all the kiddos with us to the coffee house.. but then I realized how stupid that would be .. If we want a toddler party we can have one at home.. not at the coffee house.. The whole idea to go there was to be only dude, me and the baby.. having some coffe.. having a nice time.

Well.. we’ll keep trying..


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