213 A freaky staring game

March 11, 2009

I should be writing my essay now – and I will soon.. just a short update first.

Dude has been home from work for a couple of days.. taking two days off to be with the kids. And I had two days to catch up with the essay writing.. I’m still far away from finishing. But thanks to these two days I think I’ll be able to finish in time.

I know I almost never write here any longer.. I’m kind of cheating on this blog with my Swedish blog.. I’m sorry. There I just write plain family stuff.. more like information about what is going on in our lives.. funny kid  quotes etc.. only for family and friends..
I come up with a lot of ideas what to write about here.. but usually when I’m in bed after midnight – that’s when my humor is the best – and I don’t go up again to write it down. (That’s why only dude knows I’m pretty funny)

Dude and I have been playing scrabble a lot lately.. actually in English since the game we have is an old English one from the fifties. Though after some contact with the Swedish Scrabble association I got a list of how many of each kind of tiles it’s supposed to be in Swedish. We went to some stores looking for something that would work as tiles… and ended up with the best substitute we could find.. EYES!! ..went home.. put the letters on the back of them.. So now we have a freaky staring Swedish scrabble!!

Btw.. I win all the time.. And I really don’t get it. Dude is way smarter than I am. He can hear something once – and then he remembers it for the rest of his life. This helps him a lot with the studies of course. I can read the same thing 30 times and still not get it into my head. But on scrabble dude keeps loosing all the time. Even when we played in English – where he has a bigger vocabulary than I have – I kept winning all the time.. It’s amazing how we think differently.. that must be it. I don’t have any other explanation. Though I’m happy there is at least something that I’m better at!

So that’s it!! This was the last one on my list of excuses for not studying (the blogging)!
So I guess that means I publish this and go study.



  1. I am never good at these “finding words through letter combination”-games. Must be some fuse in the brain that’s off.

    And yes, you ARE very funny! Some day I will publish my collection of wife-quotes in my blog. I only feel sad for all the good quotes that were forgotten and never written down because the pad was not around.

    I need to find that pad and keep it ready again…

  2. It was good to hear from you. I’ve missed your posts but do understand. It’s called a “real life.” Just come on when you can. Glad Dude was able to spend some time with the kids and give you some time to do things you need and want to do.

  3. That must be aninteresting game of Scrabble. And yes, you can totally beat me at it.
    You should keep a pad and pen by your bed so when you have something funny you can share it with us.

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